Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers?

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers
Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers?
We know from childhood that clean hands are the key to health. In the current situation, this is more relevant than ever. You have to wash your hands as often as possible, such is life. The issue of clean hands is important both at work and at home, and especially in families with children. After all, they are not big fans of hand washing.

There are many ways to keep your hands clean. Our family decided to stop using solid soap in soap dishes and bottles of liquid soap. We appreciated the convenience of a modern approach to hygiene — the contactless liquid soap dispenser.

Why do we need foam soap dispenser?

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers? This device makes washing your hands pleasant and safe - you don’t need to touch it at all: just put your palm on it and a gentle cloud of foam will float on your hand.

Thanks to the UNIQ liquid soap dispenser, washing your hands from a routine duty has turned into a pleasant procedure and uplifts your mood. I will share my impressions about such a useful device in our house.

The device has a touch sensor that instantly responds to the presentation of a hand. The reaction speed of the optical sensor is only 0.25 seconds. This automatic dispenser does not require any buttons to be pressed to dispense soap, making it completely hygienic. 

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers?

It is enough just to bring your hand to the dispenser. Furthermore, it will automatically dispense the optimal portion of foamed cream soap. Children especially like this foam. Unlike most liquid soap dispensers, the Uniq dispenser converts liquid soap into foam.

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers?  The foam generated by the device is much more pleasant to the touch. Similarly, washing hands with its use is a real pleasure. At the same time, the ratio of air to liquid in the foam is 13:1. Hence, it ensures the economical use of detergent.

Touchless liquid soap dispenser Uniq

The touch dispenser is the most important thing in it. It works without contact. Moreover, you can wash your hands safely - without touching any surfaces. Basically, everything is very simple. I put my palm under the spout of the dispenser and it works almost instantly.

Similarly, it gives out a small portion of soapy gentle foam. It is enough to wash your hands well. If you want absolute purity, then you can repeat - the consumption of soap is very economical.  

The dispenser works thanks to an infrared sensor. You put your hand on it. Furthermore, the sensor reacts to movement under the device’s spout. Furthermore, the dispenser instantly dispenses soap suds. You won’t have to wait and there won’t be a queue to wash your hands. In addition, the frequency of dispensing soap foam is very high, 4 times per second.

Economical consumption and easy refueling

Children especially like to wash their hands - now they do not have to be forced to go to the bathroom, they do it more often and with pleasure.

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers? The dispenser uses liquid soap diluted with water in a ratio of 1:2. The dispenser mechanism instantly foams the soap solution, saturating it with air bubbles, and through the spout gently delivers a small cloud of foam to the palm of your hand.

We were pleasantly surprised that hands began to be washed more often, and soap was consumed noticeably less with this device. Paradox!

The use of a soap solution and the foam supply of the optimal portion of soap, sufficient for washing hands, provide great savings. The dispenser works instantly, you don’t have to wait or move your hands - raise your palm and you’re done. Moreover, there have never been accidental triggering - it is also important.

The flask has a volume of 400 ml and the soap solution lasts for a long time - you do not have to fill it often. However, it takes no more than a minute to refuel, you just need to open the top cover and fill in the liquid.

Cordless and portable dispenser

The UNIQ dispenser is portable and battery operated

Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers? The design of the dispenser is concise - it looks dignified and elegant in any interior thanks to the neutral white color. The design is compact, simple and convenient to use.

 Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers

Should you buy Uniq foam dispenser?

The UNIQ dispenser does not need to be connected to the network, so no sockets are needed and there is no wire hanging anywhere.

 Who sells refills for foam soap dispensers? The device can be installed in any convenient place in the bathroom or in the kitchen, if necessary, rearranged from place to place, because it does not have any fasteners.

The device is powered by 4 little finger batteries, they come with the dispenser. In order to save batteries, you can turn off the dispenser by pressing the touch button at night or when you leave and do not use it for a long time. The batteries or soap solution run out, the button warns about this with a color.


We first tried the UNIQ Dispenser for disinfecting hands - we liked the device very much. Then we learned that you can use it very easily.

 We bought another device and put it in the kitchen. With the dispenser, disinfecting hands has become much more convenient - you put palm under the spout, the foam of the detergent immediately pops up on it and you can use.

What we liked:

  • A contactless hygiene device is very relevant now. Bacteria from the street do not accumulate on a bottle of liquid soap, but are immediately washed off without contact
  • A very useful device for the home - you can fill in liquid soap.
  • Nice design, economical soap consumption, easy to operate
  • Budget at a cost - can be purchased in the bathroom and in the kitchen


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The process of disinfecting hands has accelerated significantly and has become less boring - now dirty dishes do not linger on the table. The UNIQ dispenser is a useful and easy-to-use thing in the kitchen; the detergent has become much more economical.