How to refill foam soap dispensers? Easiest Guide

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 How to refill foam soap dispensers

How to refill foam soap dispensers? Dispensers for soap, foam, antiseptics and dispensers are devices familiar to modern people that install in:

  • Bathrooms
  • large shopping centers
  • Similarly, cafes
  • Furthermore, restaurants
  • hotels and other public places

Dispensers serve for the dosed distribution of washing liquid on hands. They are easy to use and hygienic. Moreover, to dispense the product, just press the button or bring your hand to the sensor.

In such devices, different means are common:

  • liquid soap
  • foam
  • gels
  • antiseptics
  • dishwashing detergents
  • shampoos
  • cream;

Such fixtures have long been an integral part of the interior of bathrooms, toilets and public showers.

How to refill foam soap dispensers?

Types of Dispensers

According to the type of liquid extrusion, dispensers are divided into three types:

Mechanical - This is a traditional type of dispenser in which soap is squeezed out by pressing the appropriate button. The agent is dosed, and if it is not enough, then you need to repeat the pressing process again.

Touchless are the most hygienic, since soap is dispensed into them by pressing the lever located at the top of the dispenser with your elbow. Such dispensers are common in medical institutions, veterinary clinics and other institutions with increased sanitary and hygienic requirements. Most often they fill with antiseptics.

Which is the most popular foam dispenser?

Touch or non-contact is the most popular type of dispensers that are powered by mains or batteries. In order to squeeze out the required amount of soap, you need to bring your palm to the sensor or infrared sensor.

The device works instantly and completely eliminates the cost overrun. Sensory dispensers install in public places, they design for intensive use.

Why choose our foam dispensers?  

How to refill foam soap dispensers? Our company offers a wide range of sensor models of dispensers from different brands. Their indisputable advantages include reliability, ease of use, stylish design and high strength due to the presence of a shockproof housing.

 How to refill foam soap dispensers

If necessary, the liquid soap dispenser is easy to fill with gel, shampoo, and cream, dishwashing liquid and other products similar in consistency to liquid soap. Such a device economically consumes any means and greatly simplifies the process of washing hands. Moreover, this makes it more pleasant and comfortable.

Classification of Foam Dispensers

Depending on the type of attachment, the following types of dispensers distinguish:

Wall-mounted - these are the most convenient and popular devices for metered liquid supply. They are suitable for both spacious bathrooms and small bathrooms. Wall models of dispensers install in public places, in private houses and apartments. Similarly, to fill the device with soap, it is enough to open it with a key.

Foam Dispensers are Best for Domestic and Commercial Places

How to refill foam soap dispensers? Generally, tabletop dispensers are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. They come from moisture resistant materials. Inside the structure there is a mechanism for portioned supply of a liquid agent. If necessary, the dispenser is easy to disassemble, washed from the inside and reassembled.

Built-in dispensers do not take up much space, have a stylish design and high cost. The device is attached to the wall or built into the countertop/sink.

Modern models come of different materials, but most often impact-resistant plastic and stainless steel are common for this. Furthermore, the advantages of plastic dispensers include:

Acceptable cost:

  • a large selection of models of different colors and designs;

Generally, stainless steel dispensers are the most durable and practical. Their attractive appearance allows you to fit into any style of interior and become its integral element. Such devices fix to the wall or installed on a flat surface.

What are the advantages of using foam dispensers?

How to refill foam soap dispensers? Soap, foam and antiseptic dispensers are the best devices for public places. These allow you to save detergent and make the process of hand washing convenient and safe. The presence of a viewing window allows you to control the liquid and, if necessary, add it. The mechanism is easy to fill with any consistency agent.

The many benefits of dispensers include:

  • fast payback
  • ease of maintenance
  • ease of use
  • Popular brands

In the catalog of our products you will find dispensers from such well-known brands as:

  • Uniq

Dispensers manufactured by foam dispensers have a modern design, a large selection of models and a shock-resistant housing. The manufacturer produces different models of dispensers for schools, bars, medical institutions and sanitary and hygienic rooms for catering chains.

Why choose uniq dispensers?

Uniq dispensers are inexpensive, made of reliable materials, resistant to corrosion and easy to install. Some models come with a refillable filling bottle. Others are common with special disposable cartridges.

The use of cartridges is especially important in places with increased requirements for sanitation and hygiene. Most models come with a viewing window for liquid control. Thanks to wall fastening dispensers is easy to install in any convenient place.

Let's see the conclusion of the study:

Researchers concluded that while the type of dispensing system influences hand hygiene behavior, overall adherence remained low. These interventions have a major effect on hand hygiene, several factors must be considered.”

How to refill foam soap dispensers? Using an automatic gel alcohol dispenser system is certainly very technological and easily attracts fans. However, remember that after pressing the button in front of you, the alcohol will fall into your hand and disinfection will take place last.

So, in that case, what good would you have an automatic system or an alcohol totem that doesn't have an alcohol of quality, or worse, of dubious quality?

Think about it, a hand sanitizer dispenser is simple to use. You can find high quality manual dispensers and high quality alcohol as well.


So why not consider saving on the electronic device and investing in the quality of the alcohol and asepsis of the system, which can have a disposable refill that is easy to maintain.

Soap dispensers from the Uniq brand have gained popularity all over the world. They present by mechanical and sensory models that install in commercial establishments, industrial plants and public places. They have quality certificates, are made from environmentally friendly materials and are original solutions for arranging bathrooms.