How do soap dispensers make foam? Beginner’s Guide

How do soap dispensers make foam
Mounting types and installation of a soap dispenser

How do soap dispensers make foam? We have already talked about the types of attachment. These are common to all types of dispensers. For soap dispensers the same types are good, except for portable ones.

  1. Wall-mounted - the most popular mounting method. The dispenser attaches to the wall with screws and dowels. To mount the device, you need to drill the required number of holes, and then fix the dispenser with a dowel and screws.

 It is important to install the soap dispenser at a height of about 15-20 cm from the sink to the bottom edge of the device and about 120 cm from the floor. This is the optimal installation height of the dispenser so that it is convenient for anyone to use it.

Desktop -more typical for touch dispensers

How do soap dispensers make foam? They have convenient shape to carry and place on a shelf, next to a sink or on the floor. The desktop type is suitable for application in hotel rooms, premium restaurants and home use.

 Soap dispensers come of impact-resistant plastic or stainless steel. In addition, soap dispensers come with a transparent window to control the consumable.

How to choose a liquid soap dispenser?

Soap dispensers are a versatile device that will fit perfectly into any interior, whether it is public toilets or a home bath. Soap dispensers allow you to organize the hygiene items in the bathroom and improve the overall level of hygiene. To choose the right soap dispenser, there are a few simple points to consider:

1. When choosing, rely on the type of room in which the device will be good.

How do soap dispensers make foam? For shopping centers, catering places, hotels, you can choose mechanical dispensers with foam or liquid soap. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

 How do soap dispensers make foam

For medical, manufacturing enterprises, it is better to opt for dispensers with an elbow drive. For expensive hotels, restaurants and for the home, you can choose a touch desktop dispenser. It will not only provide a high level of hygiene, but also emphasize the style and status of the establishment.

2. Decide which soap (liquid or foam) or antiseptic you will pour into the dispenser.


  1. Select the type of container - disposable cartridge or bulk container. Each has its pros and cons. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Decide where you will place the device - on the wall or on a shelf next to the sink.
  3. Choose the right dispenser in shape, volume and color to harmonize with the surrounding space. Many manufacturers produce a series of dispensers for various hygiene products. You can order all dispensers in the washroom in the same style.
  4. Remember, the dispenser, like any other device, requires careful handling and care. Remember to thoroughly rinse and refill dispensers on time to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in washrooms.

Soap Dispensers Ensure Health Safety

Hand hygiene is of paramount importance for human health and safety. The store offers a wide range of liquid soap dispensers with a capacity of 180 milliliters to 1 liter.

How do soap dispensers make foam? Small volume dispensers are ideal for home or office, and for installation in places with high traffic (restaurants, cafes, train stations, business centers, etc.), you should choose models with a larger capacity so as not to add liquid soap during the day.

How to choose dispensers for soap and antiseptics?

Each of us has faced the need to wash our hands in a public place - in clinics, cinemas, catering establishments and other establishments. Increasingly, awkward hard pieces are replacing stylish liquid soap dispensers next to hand washing sinks.

The use of dispensers for disinfectants allows you to solve several problems at the same time:

  • economical use of funds with a significant flow of visitors,
  • Help customers quickly disinfect their hands in compliance with hygiene requirements without the need for frequent refilling of antiseptics and more.

How do soap dispensers make foam? According to the mode of action, all dispensers is easy to divide into two groups:

  1. mechanical
  2. automatic

With a mechanical method, you need to press a button to get a portion of soap, and in automatic dispensers, the device activates by a touch sensor.

What kind of foam dispenser should you buy?

Before you buy a soap dispenser, you need to determine the technical parameters of the mechanism. This can vary significantly for models from different manufacturers.


Depending on the intensity of the load, you can choose and buy a dispenser for liquid soap and antiseptics of various capacities. There are models on the market with a capacity of 300 milliliters, up to 1.2 liters.

How do soap dispensers make foam? For a home or office, small volume dispensers are suitable, and for installations in areas with a high density of visitors, you should choose dispensers with a larger capacity so as not to refill the product every few hours.

In many ways, the price of soap dispensers depends on the material from which the device body is made. Democratic plastic dispensers are quite suitable for an office or cafe. In public places, experts advise using dispensers with a metal case that is resistant to mechanical damage.

How to refill foam dispenser touchless?

Also, dispensers of liquid soap and antiseptics differ in the way they are filled. The most common filling devices in which the agent fills from canisters or large-capacity bottles. But dispensers that use removable cartridges are gradually gaining popularity.

Also on the market there are models equipped with a special flask - they are ideal for elite establishments that use products with increased foaming.

How do soap dispensers make foam? In addition to the usual push-button devices, automatic dispensers for soap and antiseptics are widely good in modern establishments. They perfectly complement the design of the room, economical, durable, and reliable in operation.

How does foam dispenser work?

 The device is actuated by an infrared sensor device, which reacts to putting a hand under the dispenser. The use of touch dispensers for antiseptics not only saves disinfectant, but is also considered more hygienic, since there is no need to touch the device with your hands.

 In public places, touch-sensitive soap dispensers in plastic cases or made of stainless steel are more common. For home or office use, manufacturers offer touch-sensitive liquid soap dispensers in a glass or chrome housing. A variety of designs and technical characteristics allows you to choose a device of the required capacity and at an affordable price from a reliable manufacturer like foam dispenser.