How do foam soap dispensers work? Simplest Method 2022

Automatic Dispenser – Am I safer when using it?

 How do foam soap dispensers work

What is Automatic Dispenser?

How do foam soap dispensers work? Automatic dispenser is a device that works automatically without the need for touch, such as the:

  • Automatic Gel Alcohol Dispenser
  • the Electronic Soap Dispenser
  • Electronic Towel Rack

Purpose of the Article

Provide consideration for the acquisition of automatic dispensers (automatic hand hygiene systems). Surely your intention is the best possible, but are you on the right track? Stay with us and enjoy!

Context - Automatic Dispenser

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many barriers were broken. We created many innovative work methods. Moreover, we became more reclusive and new habits were added.

How do foam soap dispensers work? Especially with regard to cleaning and personal hygiene, we had a great evolution. Certainly people are much more concerned about cleaning their home or work in order to eliminate the risks of contamination.

This also happened with the use of alcohol in gel or foam, as we adopted additional usage practices and consumption of the product grew a lot.

How do foam soap dispensers work?

Automatic dispensers are devices that store and release, without touch, a certain amount of products such as:

  • paper towels,
  • soaps and
  • Alcohol gel.

Companies protect their customers and employees to the greatest possible degree and the demand for such equipment is growing week by week.

In addition to having an idea, in relation to searches, Google's tool, Google Trends, showed a huge growth in its search graph.

Certainly the recommendations of professionals are to avoid contact with everything. These may be infected, whether taps, soap dishes, towel rails, dispensers, tables, counters, etc.

So why the search has increased so much is easy to understand.

Hand hygiene – Who understands the topic?

In our experience in the professional cleaning segment, especially in personal hygiene, we believe that no business segment is more affected by the lack of hand hygiene than the hospital segment.

So let's borrow from this segment its experience to encourage hand hygiene and see if the automatic dispenser can make a difference.

How do foam soap dispensers work? We already convinced that the hands transmit most diseases. They are the vectors that carry viruses and bacteria from one surface to another.

Imagine that, in fact, there is a need for hand hygiene campaigns in hospitals to increase adherence to the rule of washing hands and using gel alcohol.

This need may seem strange to a layman on the subject. All thought it was natural to use, but the subject is not so simple. The reasons that professionals do not use gel alcohol as often. They should are varied. We will focus here especially on the quality and quantity of soap, alcohol, paper towels and the dispensers of these inputs.

Automatic Dispenser & Supplies - Quality

We already have the agreement of nursing professionals, clinical directors, infectologists. The quality of the alcohol gel product and automatic dispensers greatly influence its use.

Conversely, the low quality and low quantity of materials discourage use.

Scene 1

Well, imagine the following scenario, the health professional is full of good intentions in using gel alcohol and looks around and doesn't find an automatic dispenser! Surely something can happen next and divert attention to another activity. Missed is the opportunity to protect your hands.

Scenario 2

How do foam soap dispensers work?  The professional finds an automatic alcohol dispenser and activates it. To his surprise the product is clogged and does not go to his hands. We missed another opportunity for hand disinfection.

Scenario 3

Now the dispenser, be it an automatic or manual dispenser, is nearby and has the product, but the professional feels the dryness of the skin on his hands, which are a little bruised.

Certainly, the dryness is caused by the high level of use of the product. This may not have an adequate quality for those who intend to use it several times a day.

Where to install foam soap dispenser?

How do foam soap dispensers work?  Speaking at this moment about the drying of hands not carried out, think for yourself, dear reader. How many times have you stopped washing your hands with a paper towel?

In this last scenario, the situation is tactile. The clinic or hospital professional meets all the conditions for the use of hygiene through alcohol gel, but does not do so due to the memory of how sticky the hand gets when using it.

Automatic Dispenser Ensures Health?

Touching soap dispensers to extract liquid soap or foam is the second part of the hand washing procedure, the first part being turning on the faucet and wetting your hands.

Therefore, being “touch free” or not, we still have to rub our hands and rinse them very well to finish the wash, which certainly has greater weight than the “no touch”

Having a soap that moisturizes your hands and cleans them deeply is the biggest secret and yes, having a disposable soap refill system is also part of good hygiene, so much so that hospitals always make use of these disposable systems!

Why buying Automatic Dispensers?

Activating foam dispensers for hand drying is the final process of hand hygiene and touching it doesn't make much sense, because after all, I've just washed my hands and now I touch equipment that has already been touched by other people?

It is true that there are levers and buttons on the market with nano particles of silver that guarantee protection against bacteria, but in towel rails we do not always see these parts and it is difficult to guarantee that it is active.

In addition to not being good to touch the towel rail, let's also imagine that the quality of the paper, if it is not of good origin and quality, compromises the final hygiene!

Automatic or sensor towel rail is not the only hygienic option!

Certainly using a good quality paper, which in addition to not containing bacteria and viruses, is firm enough not to force us to touch the foam dispenser, is a perfect and economical solution!

About Alcohol Gel – Hand Sanitizer

A traditional research paper presented a study on the highest volume of use of gel alcohol when placed in automatic systems and concluded that about 30% more people use alcohol when available in the electronic method.

But the volume of people who did not use any of the systems is very large and has remained high!


How do foam soap dispensers work?  We are adept and seek to make our customers aware of the need to sanitize hands and surfaces.

But we also support the need to invest in higher quality inputs, rather than investing in electronic systems that do not necessarily guarantee protection for the personnel of our offices, companies, schools, gyms, stores, etc.