What Soap Should I Use for my Foam Soap Dispensers

What Soap Should I Use for my Foam Soap Dispensers?

When choosing soap for the foam soap dispenser, all manufacturers recommend specific soaps to use with their product. Therefore, you cannot use a particular soap with all foam soap dispensers available in the market. There has to be a correct soap according to the specific soap dispenser you have. Such instructions are usually written on the product packaging or a little user guide that comes with the product. If you have a soap dispenser and you want to know how to find the correct soap, then read this guide. We will help you understand how to choose the most appropriate soaps to enjoy the best value for your money. So, read this article if you are planning to buy foam soap for your dispenser.

Different Types of Foam Soap Dispensers

Before you know how to choose the right soap, you should know that various types of soap dispensers are available in the market. Manufacturers design different dispensers intended for diverse purposes in different commercial washrooms. Therefore, it becomes vital to opt for the soap dispensers designed according to your specific requirements.

The foam soap dispensers fall into three main categories, such as:

  • Pump Operated Wall-Mounted Dispensers
  • Automatic Soap Dispensers
  • Manual Soap Dispensers

An automatic soap dispenser is controlled through sensors so the user is not required to touch it for activation. The automatic dispensers are mounted typically on the walls for the convenience of the users. The manual soap dispensers work through a push button or pedal, and they are placed generally on the countertops. The main difference between the two soap dispensers is convenience, but manual dispensers save energy cost.

Whether you choose an automatic, manual, or a pump operated dispenser, you will also have to select between foam soap and liquid soap. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand what type of soap works correctly with your dispenser. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong kind of soap.

Difference between Foam and Liquid Soap

You cannot interchange liquid and foam soaps in a dispenser, and you must differentiate them in the right manner. The simplest method to distinguish between the two options is to focus on the type of soap that is ultimately delivered into user’s hands as the two soaps start in a very similar way. Foam soaps are available in the form of liquid and aired in the dispenser pump. From there, it delivers the soap in the shape of foam to the users. This is the reason why you usually see liquid foaming soap tag on many products.

On the contrary, liquid soaps come in liquid form, and they come out of the container in a liquid form also. This is a commonly used type of soap you find in many restaurants, hotels, and other commercial areas. However, liquid soap requires more water to rinse when compared to the foam soap.

The main point is that you must use the correct soap type with your dispenser. The simplest way is to read the product instructions to find a suitable soap type to use with the dispenser. This will help you know the appropriate soap material for your soap dispenser.

What Causes the Damage?

As we have already mentioned, we cannot put foam soap in liquid dispenser nor liquid soap in foam soap dispensers. Using soap without following the recommendations of the manufacturer will void the product warranty. It will also damage internal parts of the dispenser, especially in brass body and stainless steel soap dispensers.

It would be helpful if you never use antibacterial agents, alcohol-based hand scrubs, or harsh chemical sanitizers in your soap dispensers. Whether you have a plastic, brass, or stainless steel dispenser, using such ingredients will damage the sealing gaskets. As a result, the dispenser body will start leaking too early. If you want to use such elements, then you will require a particular unit.

Aggressive or abrasive soaps that contain acid content may also harm stainless steel dispenser’s body. Such ingredients can also damage the appearance and fitting of the unit. Typically, your dispenser will discolor, and it will look rusty. Keep in mind all such facts before cleaning your product to make sure that your dispensers work flawlessly in the long run.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispensers

You must follow the appropriate cleaning procedures for your paper towel, stainless steel, or toilet roll dispenser. This is the only way you can keep your dispensers unblemished. Stainless steel materials do not corrode or rust, but it may tarnish if damaged or scratched. It is also prone to general dirt, grime, and dust as many other materials. This tarnishing or discoloring looks like rust, but it isn’t. You can avoid this by considering proper maintenance.

Expert Cleaning Instructions

The safest and most straightforward way to carry out your stainless steel dispenser’s routine cleaning is to use a microfiber cloth with water. Clean with the grains (polish lines) instead of scrubbing, and then rinse off. After that, dry the dispenser to make sure there are no water spots on the body. Such defects usually occur due to hard water.

Remember that the dirty or grit-contained water will leave residue on your soap dispenser and you will have to rinse off and dry your product thoroughly. If you do not have sufficient water to clean your product, you can use a special cleaner that is designed especially for the stainless steel. Such cleaners can remove any scratches if you use the cleaner correctly. Before you start cleaning, you must read the manufacturer instructions to avoid chances of harm via misuse.

Experts also suggest WD40 product as it is suitable to clean many materials, including stainless steel, without producing any damage. Again, you should never use any cleaning ingredient that is not recommended by the product manufacturers.

What Cleaning Materials You Should Avoid?

There are certain materials that you must not use to clean your dispenser at any cost. In the case of stainless steel, you are strictly advised not to consider cleaners that contain bleach. Bleach cleaners have chlorine that reacts harshly with stainless steel. The same way, abrasive cloths, steel brushes or steel wool can cause scratching, ultimately causes surface blemishes. If you mistakenly use chlorine or bleach-based material, then you should rinse off and dry the product thoroughly and quickly.

Quality of Soap

Buying the right quality soap is as vital as purchasing a high-quality soap dispenser. A top-quality dispenser ensures durability and proper functionality, but what if the soap doesn’t offer desired results. There are hundreds of ordinary brands in the market, selling cheap rate liquid and foam soaps. But with the cheap rates, comes the cheap product quality. If the users cannot wash their hands properly and conveniently, then there is no advantage of having a high-quality soap dispenser. Thus, you must be sure that you are buying the right type and high-quality soap for your dispenser.

There are many reliable brands selling top-quality soaps, both online and in-stores. You should go online and search for the most prominent foam soap brands. We advise you to read customer reviews and compare different products to know the best option as per your requirements and budget.

We hope now you can understand how and what soap you should choose for your foam soap dispenser. If you are still unsure about which soap type to choose, you can also talk to the local seller and share your basic requirements. They will help you buy the correct soap for your dispenser within your budget.