How to Choose Soap Foam Dispensers for Your Business

How to Choose Soap Foam Dispensers for Your Business

Setting up a professional environment is necessary for every business owner. Every staff member or a customer expects a convenient and professional work environment within every business premises. Therefore, whether it is a shopping mall or an office, you, as a business owner, need to make sure that it is set up professionally. Soap foam dispensers are one of the essential items that every business requires these days. It makes hand washing experience convenient and risk-free, especially in today’s COVID19 pandemic time.

So, are you searching for a soap foam dispenser for your business? If yes, you need to know all the essential factors that you must consider before buying one. Different foam dispensers are available in the market to fulfill the diverse purposes of the customers.

Choosing the Right Soap Foam Dispensers

The hand soap foam dispensers you use at your home are different from those you find in office settings. Therefore, if you buy the wrong soap dispenser, then it would not prove useful. Keep in mind that your customers analyze every single thing within your office setup. Thus, you must set it up in the most professional way.

Here are the essential factors you need to know before searching for soap dispensers for your business:

1. Soap Foam Dispenser Capacity

First of all, you need to know what capacity dispenser you should choose. So, think about the number of employees you have in your office. How many employees will clean their hands frequently, daily? You must know how many customers will be vising your office daily. For instance, you may have 30+ workers in your business, but the average walk-in customers maybe 500+. Therefore, you will have to choose a large capacity dispenser.

If your business welcomes only a few customers daily, you can buy a small 800ml capacity dispenser. But if the average customer walk-ins are high, choose a large capacity dispenser, such as 1250ml dispenser. This is the proper way you can decide what capacity soap dispenser you need to choose. Remember that selecting the wrong capacity dispenser may lead to frequent refills more often than expected.

2. Automatic or Manual Dispenser?

The soap foam dispensers are available in both manual and automatic variants. There is another type of soap foam dispenser called ‘pump dispenser’. Thus, it would help if you choose the proper category according to your specific requirements.

A manual dispenser is operated manually by the user through a pedal or a push button. The manual dispensers are usually less expensive dispensers because they require user’s effort to function. On the other hand, an automatic dispenser triggers the soap release automatically. Automatic dispensers feature sensors that detect hand motion and release liquid or foam soap automatically.

Pump soap dispensers are found commonly in the business setups. They use standard pump technology and are reliable for many commercial settings. To choose the most appropriate option among the three modes, you should consider the business environment where they are going to work.

3. Material of Dispenser

The dispenser material is another vital factor in determining what soap dispenser you should choose. It is linked directly with how long the dispenser will last. The material of the dispenser determines its longevity. The most common dispenser material is plastic, but many other types are available you can choose from. The alternatives include glass, ceramic, and steel.

Before you decide, you should evaluate all possible risks involved in the business. For instance, if you want to place your dispenser beside the kitchen, you should opt for a steel or ceramic soap dispenser. This thing will eliminate the risks of regular expansion and contraction of plastic. If you choose a plastic dispenser, it will develop huge risks of dispenser getting cracks leading to dispenser replacement too early.

Another determining factor is your room’s décor where you are going to place the dispenser. For example, if you are running a restaurant, you should match your soap dispenser with the overall restroom supplies for perfection.

4. Foam or Liquid Soap Dispensers?

Soap dispensers can either dispense foam or liquid soap. Evaluate your business closely and identify which soap dispenser is perfect for your business. The results might not show a significant difference, but you still choose the most suitable option.

Foam dispensers consist of a couple of pumps that pull liquid and air simultaneously, thus dispensing foam. A foam dispenser pulls out pre-lathered hand soap so the employees and customers would require less water to rinse their hands. This is the main difference between foam and liquid dispensers. In addition to that, you will need fewer refills with foam as compared with liquid dispensers.

5. Design

The soap foam dispensers are mounted typically on walls or wall shelves. Before you buy a foam dispenser, you should be very clear about where you will place the soap dispenser. Choose a wall-mounted dispenser if you need to save counter space where you can store other items. If mounting dispenser on a wall doesn’t look like a feasible option, you can choose a counter dispenser.

Remember that the counter dispensers are usually manually-operated dispensers. However, it doesn’t mean that all manual dispensers cannot be mounted on the wall. There are specific brackets or rings available that you can use to hang a manual dispenser on a wall. But mounting dispensers on a wall means drilling the beautiful wall which you may not like.

6. Price and Location

No business owner would like to damage their business image even a little. To maintain a good business image, you should opt for automatic soap foam dispensers that are highly sophisticated. Since 2019, we have seen an immense increase in the popularity of automated dispensers.

Do you want to create great impressions? You can buy expensive foam dispensers for the customers’ washroom and may use budget dispensers for junior employees’ bathrooms. If there is a very high customer/client inflow, you should opt for automatic soap dispensers.

High-quality foam dispensers are comparatively expensive items, but they save money in the long run. A low-quality dispenser will be less durable, which means you will be replacing them regularly. On the other hand, a high-quality dispenser will last much longer and it ultimately saves money.

The product brand is another vital factor in determining the price of the dispenser. Buying an established brand’s dispenser will cost you more than purchasing an item from an ordinary brand. If you need a high-quality dispenser, you’ll have to spend more.

Choose Smartly

Once you know all determining factors, you should compare and evaluate the selected foam dispensers. Look for an eco-friendly option among the shortlisted dispensers. If your business is located somewhere where there is water scarcity, opt for a soap dispenser that doesn’t require a lot of water. If you want to avoid extra electricity cost in your office, you should buy manual dispenser that does not require electric power to operate. Also, make sure that the dispenser you buy offer maximum hygiene.


We hope that you now have enough information to choose from the best soap foam dispensers around. If you ignore any of the factors mentioned above, you might end up purchasing an incorrect soap dispenser for your business. It is better to spend some time comparing shortlisted dispensers than buying the wrong item in a hurry. You can find many soap dispensers online and go through their specifications and all necessary details. If you follow all these guidelines, we hope you can ensure the best value for your money and create an impressive setting within your business premises.