Different Types of Foam Cup Dispensers Available

A cup dispenser holds different cup styles, such as foam, plastic, and paper and they come in different designs to serve diverse purposes. You can buy many cup dispensers conveniently from your nearest retail store or online. But before you buy one, you should be aware of the different types of cup dispensers available in the market. This information will help you choose the most appropriate cup dispenser that can fulfill your needs. Read this article to know the different types of foam cup dispensers. We will also discuss some popular cup dispensers that you can buy from the market.

Different Types of Foam Cup Dispensers

There are many cup dispensers you can buy for paper, plastic or foam cups. The dispensers usually fall into two different categories; wall-mounted and counter cup dispensers. These cup dispensers are used beside coffee machines, water coolers or water boilers at workplaces and commercial places. These dispensers help the customers or staffs easily and quickly fill up a cup of water, coffee or tea.

You can choose from the below-mentioned models if you are looking for the best wall-mounted or counter foam cup dispensers.

Counter Cup Dispensers

A counter cup foam dispenser is used to store the disposable cups on a counter and suitable for different cup materials and sizes. There are so many counter cup dispensers available in the market that you can choose from according to your actual requirements.

Here are some of the reliable cup dispensers that you can place on your desk or counters:

1. Cup Dis Count/M 12/24 Oz Horizon

The price of this cup dispenser is £162.34 (£194.81 inc VAT). It is a self-adjusting cup dispenser that is highly durable. There are different mounting options available. This cup dispenser features self-support mount ring lock and top-quality stainless-steel tube material that makes it an ideal choice.

You can attach it to the horizontal/vertical wall surfaces, counters, or at the 45-degrees. The easy mounting allows you to connect it to coolers and almost any wall surface that can free up your counter space. The cup size of this product is 12-24oz.

2. Counter Mounted Cup Dispenser – C3200CF

The C3200CF counter mounted dispenser is available for £152.79 (£183.35 inc VAT). This product helps you mount different disposable cups on your counter beside a coffee machine, water supply or a boiler. It can hold 6-10oz capacity cups with a rim diameter of approximately 56 - 81mm. Length of storage tube is about 597mm, and it consists of stainless steel material.

Because of stainless steel material, the dispenser can withstand routine use for long. You can mount this cup dispenser at 45-degree angle, vertically, or horizontally. Therefore, if you are looking for foam cup dispensers with these specifications, you can opt for it.

3. Counter Mounted Cup dispenser - C3400CV

You can choose this cup dispenser if you are looking for cup dispensers to mount in your counter beside a water supply, boiler, or coffee machine. It will help users quickly fill up their cup in a convenient way. This cup dispenser can hold 12-24oz capacity cups and the rim diameter approximately between 70mm to 98 mm.

The cup dispenser tube’s length is around 597mm, and it is made of stainless steel. Due to the rigid manufacturing material, this dispenser is highly durable. This cup dispenser model can only be mounted at 45-degree angle or vertically. If you want to mount your cup dispenser horizontally, this isn’t the right option. The price of this product is £158.10 (£189.72 inc VAT).

Wall Mounted Cup dispensers

The second type of cup dispensers is the wall-mounted foam cup dispensers. These dispensers are perfectly adjustable with different materials and sizes. Choose wall-mounted dispensers, if your countertop has limited space and want to install cup dispensers near your water cooler, coffee machine or boiler. Choose from the below-listed cup dispensers if you are not sure which model suits your basic requirements.

1. Wall Mounted Cup Dispenser - C3400P

You can get this wall-mounted foam cup dispenser for £93.59 (£112.31 inc VAT). You can mount different disposable cups to your wall near the water coolers. It can hold 12oz to 24oz capacity cups and has 70mm to 98mm rim diameter. The storage tube length is 597mm, and it consists of stainless steel that makes it a robust cup dispenser. Therefore, if you need a cup dispenser with these specifications that you can mount on your wall, you can count on this option.

2. Small Pull-Type Cup Dispenser with Throat - C4180TBL

This dispenser is currently one of the most affordable foam cup dispensers available in the market. If you need a small pull-type foam cup dispenser at a very economical cost, then this can be a perfect go-to option. Its price is just £19.00 (£22.80 inc VAT) and you can attach it on a wall near the water coolers. We recommended this dispenser for businesses or the waiting areas for customers.

These dispensers are an ideal option for holding cups that have a cone shape. This type of dispensers can hold 90ml to 130ml capacity cups and a 57mm to 73mm rim diameter. It is a long-lasting cup dispenser as it is consists of top-quality impact plastic. Its storage tube length is 406mm and a durable solution to dispense cups.

You can consider this option if your budget is low and you want to buy a quality cup dispenser for your workplace or waiting area.

3. Pull type Foam Cup Dispenser - C4200PF

Are you looking for a foam cup dispenser that you can mount on a wall beside the boiler, water supply, or coffee machine? If yes, you can count on this model to ensure a quick and easy way to fill a cup. Its price is £74.59 (£89.51 inc VAT), and you can attach it to a wall beside the coffee machine, boiler, or a water supply. You can use this cup dispenser to hold cups with 4oz to 10oz capacity.

It has a 70mm to 85mm rim diameter, and storage tube length is 597mm. The stainless steel storage tube makes the cup dispenser a very durable solution for dispensing foam cups. This dispenser is one of the most reliable foam cup dispensers that you can buy for your workplace.

4. Lid Dispenser for 12-24oz Cups - L3400

This dispenser helps you keep the lids accessible and tidy near your beverage dispenser or coffee machine. It is suitable for 12oz to 24oz capacity cups and available for £82.34 (£98.81 inc VAT). You can fit up to 101mm diameter lid into this cup dispenser. It is a wall-mounted dispenser that you can use to conserve your counter space around a boiler. Its tube length is 597mm and perfect for the limited space areas.

5. Lid Dispenser for 6-10oz Cups - L3200

This model is another reliable lid dispenser that costs £77.67 (£93.20 inc VAT). You can buy this dispenser to mount beside your beverage dispenser or a coffee machine. It is best to use with 6oz to 10oz cup sizes, and you can fit up to 89 mm diameter lid size into this cup dispenser. If you are looking for a perfect dispenser for a limited space, you can opt for it. Its tube length is 597mm.

If you still cannot decide which cup dispenser you should choose, you should get help from a professional. Just tell the professional your requirements so they can show you the best available foam cup dispensers available.