Bulk Foam Soap Dispensers -- Everything You Need to Know About Soap Dispensers

Bulk Foam Soap Dispensers -- Everything You Need to Know About Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers have become an integral part of every commercial washroom these days; even people are now buying these dispensers for their home washrooms for the convenience and value they offer. There is usually a significant customer inflow in all large businesses every day. Even the employees frequently wash their hands during office hours. So, the business owners need to make sure that they have the right soap dispensers whenever an employee or customer needs to wash their hands. Therefore, all large businesses look for high-quality bulk foam soap dispensers instead of buying regular dispensers.

Why Most Businesses Buy Bulk Foam Soap Dispensers?

If you are running a business, you will have to buy bulk dispensers instead of regular ones. One benefit of purchasing bulk soap dispensers is that they prove economical in the long run. Another reason why businesses buy bulk dispensers is that they don’t want to waste their time in purchasing the normal dispensers again and again, too often. Just imagine a customer visiting your washroom, and he finds an empty soap dispenser. It would portray a very negative business image. Thus, you should know the average monthly consumption of the soap and buy bulk foam soap dispensers.

About Foam Soap Dispensers

Before you buy bulk foam soap dispensers for your business, it is essential to know the basics. Foam soap dispensers are the devices that dispense soap in a small, but the right amount. It offers the most convenient and hygienic way to wash hands. There are also some other types of soaps used, such as liquid and gel soaps. But, what makes foam soap a better option is that it requires little water to rinse. Now, let’s discuss different foam soap dispensers that you can buy from the market.

  1. Automatic Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers allow you to wash hands without touching the device. When you bring your hands under the dispenser, the sensors will detect this motion. After motion detection, a small amount of soap will come out on your hand so that you can easily wash your hands. These dispensers run on battery and are best to use in public washrooms. Automatic dispensers support liquid, dry, and foam soaps.

  1. Manual Dispensers

If you are looking for bulk foam soap dispensers, then you can choose manual dispensers. Manual soap dispensers are the hand-operated soap dispensing devices. It means that you need to get the soap on your hand by pressing the dispenser button by your hand. Manual dispensers usually come with foam, powder, or liquid soaps and are kept on the countertops.

Choosing between the manual and automatic dispensers depends on where and how you will use these dispensers.

How do Soap Dispensers Work?

Soap dispensers work differently according to the type you buy. As discussed above, there are two types of soap dispensers, such as manual dispensers and automatic dispensers. In manual dispenser, there is a pedal on the device connected to the tube. All you need is to apply little pressure by pressing the pedal down with your hand, and the soap will squeeze out. You will get the soap out through the nozzle of the pump. Because you have to press the pump by touching the pedal, so there is a risk of acquiring infection, as many other people would also have used the same pump.

On the contrary, an automatic soap dispenser is a mechanical unit that consists of sensors. It means that it is a hands-free device that you don’t have to touch at all. This dispenser detects your hand through the motion detector sensor. The soap squeezes out right when you bring your hand under the dispenser, which means there is no need to press any button on the dispenser to get soap. Because there will be no physical contact with the device, so there is no risk of getting an infection.

Can You Use a Soap Dispenser as a Hand Sanitizer?

It is a common question that many people ask “can a soap dispenser be used as a hand sanitizer?” and the answer to this question is “Yes”. However, hand sanitizers are generally alcohol-based or liquid-based. Most soap dispensers are compatible with alcohol-based sanitizers and liquid soaps. However, some dispensers are not compatible with these two materials, and alcohol may harm dispenser material.

Therefore, you will need to interchange valves and containers of your dispenser if you want to use your dispenser and a hand sanitizer. Make sure that you are using the right pumps, valves, and materials in your dispenser. If you don’t do it carefully, then it will damage your soap dispenser.

Fixing a Faulty Soap Dispenser

Buying bulk foam soap dispensers for a business is vital, but their maintenance holds immense importance. Proper care of a soap dispenser is essential if you want the device to function appropriately without malfunction in the long run. Make sure that the dispenser is filled with the soap solution and working correctly. If the users face any problem with the soap dispenser, it will leave a wrong impression on the user about your business.

Here are the most common soap dispenser problems with their possible solutions:

1. Clogged Dispenser

The most common issue with a soap dispenser is getting clogged with dried or stiffen soap. If your dispenser is clogged, it will stop functioning correctly. The liquid or foam soap will hardly squeeze out of a clogged dispenser. Begin the fixing process by unscrewing the clogged dispenser. Once unscrewed, pull out pump and trigger section of your dispenser. Now, dip the pump section of the dispenser into hot water. Let it soak in the water for approximately 10-15 minutes. After unclogging dried soap, pump hot water through dispenser pump to clear it.

You may use a pipe cleaner for cleaning any junk present in dispenser hole and pump. Clean the dispenser tube by moving the cleaner pipe in a circular motion. This is how you should clean your clogged dispenser. If your dispenser gets clogged again, you should change your soap that might be causing a clogged dispenser. Always buy high-quality soap because they work flawlessly in the long run.

2. Leaking Dispenser

Another common issue with soap dispensers is that they may start leaking anytime, if not taken care properly. If your dispenser is leaking soap, check the dispenser thoroughly to find the leakage area. Just change that particular part that is leaking soap instead of replacing the dispenser. Once you have replaced the leaking component, it should resolve the issue. Such leakages also occur due to low-quality products, so you should always look for high-quality bulk foam soap dispensers.

3. A Dispenser that Doesn’t Dispense Soap

There may be a time when your soap dispenser stops dispensing soap even when the dispenser is full of soap. In that case, make sure that the solidified soap is not blocking the. If it is, then follow the same instructions as above to unclog it. If it is not the case, then unscrew your dispenser pump and see whether the dispenser tubes are correctly attached.

Also, make sure that the pump is primed. If not, then prime it by applying pressure repeatedly and make sure the soap goes into the dispenser tubes. Look for any air bubbles in the tube and remove them by pressing & releasing the dispenser pump. It will discharge any excess soap that might be causing the air bubbles.

If your dispenser still has issues after following all these instructions, then the tube may have cracks. In that case, you should replace your pump.

4. Depressed Soap Dispenser Trigger

If you press the dispenser trigger and it doesn’t come back to its position, the soap will not squeeze out. The reason may be a jammed trigger. Unscrew dispenser pump and try to fix the pump spring that might be away from its original position.

Buying bulk foam soap dispensers for your business is worth it. These dispensers maintain customers and employees health and hygiene and help them stay away from many diseases and infections.