Using Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser is a High-Tech Solution to Hand Hygiene

Why Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser Has Become Imperative?

Washing your hands after and before you eat something is a common personal hygienic practice. A hand soap dispenser is the latest high-tech solution to your hand hygiene.

Your hands are the most common and easiest carrier of germs to your body. Unfortunately, many people do not wash their hands appropriately at regular intervals. This basic hygienic practice is critical in maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. But, since the last couple of years, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, people have realized the need for proper handwashing and sanitization.

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Hand Soap Dispenser: A High-Tech Hand Hygiene Solution

There is no doubt that you need to wash your hands frequently to keep the germs and viruses away. But, many recent surveys show that a regular bar soap may cause cross-contamination. The reason is quite simple. Regular bar soap in a public restroom will be touched frequently by many users in a day, every day. This is where the germs or viruses can transfer from one person to another. Keeping this thing in mind, a touch-less hand soap dispenser becomes a perfect hand washing alternative to ordinary bar soaps.

Touch-less soap dispensers are high-tech automatic dispensers with fancy and modern looks. They are not only high-tech but also very convenient to use. One key difference between the automatic soap dispenser, manual dispenser, and regular bar soaps is the touchless operation of the automatic device. Due to their high-tech nature, they have become the talk of the town in recent days. They have become an essential element of all commercial buildings.

How do They Work?

These dispensers are powered by DC batteries. The basic mechanism of automatic soap dispensers includes infrared sensors, photo sensors, and air induction technology. Infrared sensors activate soap dispensing through bursting microwave or ultrasound energy. It does this when you place your hands under the device. The ideal distance between your hand and dispenser should be around 8.5cm (3.35 inches).

The more accessible and popular infrared technology is ‘photon sensors’. This mechanism uses a focused light source and a light sensor. The mechanism of the pump activates when you bring your hand under the light beam. There is no apparent difference between photo sensors and infrared sensors. Sometimes, both photon and infrared sensors work together.

The air induction technology infuses micro-bubbles by creating a vacuum. The role of air induction technology is to ensure that you get a measured amount of soap on your hand. This technology belongs to the pump mechanism, which is powered through the handle or by source.

Why Upgrade to a Touchless Soap Dispenser?

The biggest advantage of a touchless dispenser is its automatic operation, which means you don’t have to touch the device to wash your hands. Washing hands regularly reduces the germs spread and automatic soap dispensers have taken this practice one step ahead. Let’s discuss some of the important reasons why you need to upgrade to a touchless soap dispenser from your ordinary bar soap.

1. Touch-Free Operation

Touch-free operation of an automatic hand soap dispenser doesn’t only offer convenience, but safety also. There is no need to touch the device for its activation. You just have to get your hands under or next to the dispenser nozzle and the device will offer you the required amount of soap.

The best thing is that you get the exact amount of soap that you need for proper handwashing. It means no waste of soap, saving a significant amount of money in the long run. Some automatic dispensers also allow you to set a particular amount of soap to be dispensed.

2. They Do Not Harbor Dirt

One common issue with regular bar soap is that it harbors germs and dirt. For instance, if there are germs on a user’s hand, then some of them will stick to the soap after washing hands. There is a chance that the next person using the same bar soap will catch those germs. Because these soaps are placed in an open environment, so they will harbor dirt, which is not a good thing. Due to this, the bar soaps are not as safe as the soap dispensers are.

3. Convenience

A touchless soap dispenser is the simplest or easiest type of handwashing practice. These devices incorporate motion-detecting sensors to detect your hands. Therefore, you simply need to bring your hand under these devices to get the soap and then rinse. There is no other hand washing method simpler than this. This is not only convenient but fast too.

4. No Waste

One big issue with the normal bar soaps is that they are wasted more than being used. Just think about the amount of soap being thawed with regular water contact. This doesn’t only create a mess around your sink area but also wastes money. On the other hand, you get just the appropriate quantity of soap on your hand through a touchless hand soap dispenser.

5. They are Refillable

You don’t need to buy a new soap dispenser every time the soap in the dispenser ends. These soap dispensers are refillable soap dispensing devices. It means whenever the soap quantity gets low or ends, you can simply put the new soap into your dispenser. You can see the remaining amount of soap in the dispenser through the container. The soap is conveniently available in the market at affordable rates.

5. Save Money

Automatic soap dispensers help you save money in a few ways. First, they are refillable devices and the soap is available at low rates. It means that you need to buy the dispenser device just once, and then keep refilling it in the future. Secondly, not even the least amount of soap is wasted because you will always get a pre-measured amount on your hand. That saves a lot of money in the long run.

6. Easy-to-Install

These devices are very easy to install and best in terms of saving space in any facility. You can either place a hand soap dispenser directly on the sink or mount it on the wall. We recommend you using a wall-mounted soap dispenser if your bathroom space is small. Hanging this device on the wall saves space while keeping the sink area clean. Keep in mind that they do not require professional installation.

7. They Look Beautiful

Are you up to a bathroom remodeling project? If yes, then an automatic soap dispenser can be the right ingredient to add. These dispensers are available in many modern designs and colors. You can even order a custom design to match your bathroom environment. Therefore, improved aesthetics is another advantage that you will get with these devices.

You can even complement your automatic soap dispenser with a touchless towel dispenser. This entirely touch-free system will ensure a healthy and safe workplace.


Touchless or automatic had soap dispensers have changed the way we maintain our hand hygiene in this modern era. These soap dispensing devices have introduced the safest handwashing method, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic time.

This is why almost all commercial restrooms have moved from traditional bar soaps to modern-day automatic soap dispensers. You can choose from different types of automatic and manual soap dispensers according to your need.

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