Here is a List of the Best Foam Soap for Dispensers

Dispensers have always been important, however, COVID-19 has made them imperative. The new norm is to install a sanitizer dispenser always everywhere, in your house, office, hospital parks, etc. The great about these dispensers is that they offer versatility. It means most of these dispensers tend to support different forms of liquids such as soap, dish soap, hand-wash, and sanitizer. Today, we are going to talk about the best foam soap for dispensers.

Since you will be using the dispensers for your skincare soaps, therefore, you need to ensure that you are using the right one. The foam soap in our list offers a number of benefits for different skin types. You can choose one that would suit your skin.

Top Best Foam Soap For Dispensers

Clean Boss Hand Sanitizing Foaming Soap

If you want a foaming soap that would go gentle on your skin, but it would still be effective, Clean boss hand sanitizing foaming soap is perfect for you. Joy Mangano, a famous cleaning and organizing entrepreneur, offers this amazing antimicrobial soap.

You will be surprised to know that unlike most antibacterial soaps, the clean boss soap does not rely on triclosan. Different chemicals including triclosan can cause harm to your skin. The soap uses a patented formulation that kills 99.9 percent of germs without causing any harm to your skin.

You will notice that every after one wash, your hands would become soft and clean. What more is that with 16.5 ounces of use, the soap bottle would be lost for about a thousand uses.

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap

If you are looking for a really affordable foam soap for your dispenser, you will not find a cheaper one than softsoap liquid. Of course, you can say there are many out there. However, none of them can beat the effectiveness this amazing hand soap tends to offer.

This soap is tested by a number of dermatologists. It has a creamy moisturizing finish. It also comes with a crisp and refreshing smell. Put this soap in one of Fengje dispensers and enjoy a long-lasting foam soap that would not only kill the germs, but it would make your hands soft and smooth.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

 The foam soap might be expensive, but it is totally worth the money. The product is one of a kind. The soap cleans your hands without allowing them to lose any moisture. The formula contains a number of essential oils that would have a positive impact on your skin. Due to these essential oils, the soap has a complex smell that is woodsy and bright.

We can assure you that you would not be able to find a better foam soap for dispensers. As long as you have the right dispenser, the soap can go on for a long time.

MADE Of Organic Hand Soap

If you believe in a fragrance-free soap, then go with MADE Of organic hand soap. However, do bear in mind that the soap is designed especially for people who are suffering from Eczema. The soap can kill germs while being gentle o your skin.

The reason the soap ensures soft and clean skin is that its formula consists of 81 percent of organic ingredients including essential oils and aloe versa. The remaining 19 percent is made up of plant-driven ingredients.

The combination of these ingredients results in a soothing and moisturizing soap. As to ensure the quality of the soap, it has to pass through several independent testing. For this particular soap, different dermatologists and pediatricians performed a 6-week test to make sure that the quality of the soap as per the claims of the manufacturer.  As long as you have a good quality dispenser, like the manual one from Fengjie, this foaming soap would last a very long time.

Puracy Natural foaming Hand Soap

Another great option of foam soap for dispensers is the Puracy natural foaming hand soap. It is an excellent soap as it feels soft on your skin. Not only this, the soap tends to retain the moisture of your skin, preventing it from getting dry.

Even though the packaging offers just 8.5 ounces of soap, yet it can clean up to 650 hands. After all, you don’t need a lot of soap to clean your hands. A small quantity is a sufficient eve for cleaning the direst hands. Use its refill pouches for your dispensers and cut down on plastic as much as possible.

Like most foaming soap on our list, the formula of Puracy natural foaming soap is 99.4 percent natural. This makes it an excellent choice for homes that use septic systems or greywater. It also works well with sensitive skin. After all, the soap contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and other such ingredients.

Everyone Hand Soap

If you are looking for a completely natural foam soap for dispensers in your bathrooms, you will not find a better one than Everyone Hand Soap. It is made up of food-grade extracts and plant-based ingredients.

It is the perfect choice for people who do not want their skin to come in contact with synthetic ingredients. Everyone Hand Soap parent company, EO Products, has an extremely transparent system in terms of telling their clients what their product contains.

They even provide an ingredient glossary to their clients. Since these soaps contain plant-based ingredients including white tea extract, chamomile, and aloe vera, thus they are gentle and soothing on the skin.

Soapbox Deep Moisture Liquid Hand Soap

Due to pandemic, we have to clean our hands-on a regular basis. The additional hand-washing is making our skin dry and rough and the winters have made things even worse. Fortunately, you have this amazing foam soap is the perfect solution for cracked, sally hands.

The soap is layered with fatty acids, vitamins, aloe vera, and a base of shea butter, thus it revitalizes your skin. In case, you are not a fan of sandalwood or coconut oil, Soapbox offers a number of other smells for you to choose from.

It is an excellent choice when it comes to finding the perfect foam soap for dispensers.

Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap Refill

Meyer’s liquid hand soap is an excellent, chemical-free soap. Since it is free of harsh cleaning agents, thus it will be soothing for your skin. It contains ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil, and glycerin. Use it in a good quality dispenser such as the Fengje manual soap dispenser, and it would go a long way.

The soap is available in three different garden-inspired fragrances including honeysuckle, basil, and rainwater. All these scents are extremely light and refreshing.

What to Look For When Buying Foam Soap For Dispensers?


Despite the fact that you don’t mind strong fragrances, it is better that you choose a naturally-derived scent. Something more natural would not be inoffensive to other people living in the house or the guest you are having over.

If you suffer from allergies and migraines, it is better to choose a fragrance-free soap. You also have the option of going with soaps that are lightly scented using essential oils including mandarin peel oil, lavender, etc. These are better in comparison to artificial chemical-based fragrances.


Although you can’t have a complete list of soap ingredients, therefore, we suggest you look for soaps that claim to be free of phthalates, parabens, and triclosan. These are dangerous chemicals that can do more harm than being useful.


Due to pandemic, you need to ensure that the soap you choose is effective. The objective here is to get rid of germs. Therefore, go with soaps that would that are hands are germs-free while they go soft on your skin.