Simplicity of mechanism - as a rule, Penis soap dispenser have a simple design, which makes them durable and ready to work in a cyclic mode, even with a high flow of people. Low cost of components, this eliminates maintenance problems.  Easy to clean - most of these models are easy to attach, remove and disassemble.

 Penis soap dispenser

  • You can fill in both gel and liquid products.
  • No need to touch with your hands
  • Vandal-proof stainless steel case
  • Mounting options (to floor and wall
  • Various capacities of antiseptic tanks
  • Non-contact - provide a high level of disinfection, easy to use
  • Various designs and colors, look good in the interior


Is there a special bowl for this Penis soap dispenser? Dozens of people will use the dispenser per day. The product will drip. What filing principle has been implemented? How hygienic is it? If the establishment has high traffic, a device with a button will not suit you. What guarantees does the manufacturer give and how much do the components cost?

One of the most inconspicuous characters in any toilet is the inconspicuous liquid soap dispenser. Hanging there on the wall, he calmly waits until you feel the urge to wash your hands. Is not it? If you’re liquid soap dispensers are often empty or not working for some reason, this creates a serious hygiene problem in the workplace.


Penis soap dispenser is imperative, especially during the colder months of the year, when the flu virus and other disease-causing bacteria are everywhere, to ensure that your soap dispensers remain functional at all times. And there are 5 main reasons for this:

1- Bar soap doesn't suit anyone

This blurry, filthy bar of soap in a nasty, gooey dish is probably everyone's disgust. Surely, this is not at all what your customers or employees want to use, especially if they are dealing with food. Millions of bacteria and viruses can live comfortably in the mucus that covers the common soap dish. 

Therefore, immune compromised people are at risk of contracting an infection using this method of hand washing. A Penis soap dispenser for liquid or foamed soap, which eliminates any contact with it, is much more hygienic. It helps reduce the risk of infection for everyone who visits your business.

2-Reducing points of contact after using the toilet prevents germs from spreading

The fewer things you touch on the way from the toilet in the restroom to the exit, the better. Unfortunately, bar soaps and old, non-working dispensers are pretty obvious points of contact where germs can accumulate. 


Automatic soap dispensers designed for use in washrooms eliminate one point of contact by dispensing cleansing soap simply by placing your hand under the device.

3-The soap dispenser does not maintain itself in good condition, although ...

Modern liquid Penis soap dispenser uses many excellent technologies to help make these devices very reliable. Of course, they still need to be refilled very often, so you need a reliable service company that regularly delivers liquid soap and refills dispensers while checking that each dispenser is working properly. You don't want your employees to walk around the office with unwashed hands after using the toilet because they run out of soap.

4- Modern liquid soap dispensers are cleaner

You know how quickly bar soap leaves streaks and round streaks covered in a soapy crust. They cover the entire shell. And this lather becomes the main breeding ground for microbes. It looks disgusting, so the cleaning staff obviously won't be happy to clean the sink every day. 

The soap that is poured into liquid Penis soap dispenser produces a thick lather with excellent cleansing properties, but leaves no residue at all on the sink, making it the best choice for everyone.

5- Washing hands literally saves lives

Regular hand washing can be life-saving, but only if done correctly and good soap is used. Overwhelmingly alarming research from the CDC has shown that virtually all people do it wrong and that it spreads more germs than is necessary. Make sure everyone in your office knows and follows an accurate hand washing protocol. Its essence is as follows:

  • wet your hands thoroughly, and then apply liquid soap to them from a Penis soap dispenser
  • rub your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • rinse well
  • Then dry your hands with a paper towel
  • Try not to use electric dryers, as research has shown that they are dangerous
  • To avoid touching the faucet or toilet handle with clean hands, you can use a paper towel.


Hand washing always takes two things: soap and water. But what does the sink look like when your hands are finally clean? It depends on the dirt that was washed off, but also on the soap. Small, muddy puddles of soap residue occasionally build up, especially on the edge of the washbasin or on the base cabinet of the countertop washbasin. Not pretty, not useful.
Penis soap dispenser 2021

In case of absence of Penis soap dispenser, try to save soap. Different systems of how the soap can be stored sensibly, so that air comes to the bar of soap from all sides. That way it dries well and doesn't get mushy as quickly. One possibility is magnets that are pressed into the soap. With the magnet, the soap can then be attached to a bracket attached to the wall. This allows the bar of soap to dry all around.


Why do you need to buy a good quality soap dispenser? The reason is very obvious. Covid is spreading very fast. It is important for every company owner to install latest infection equipment along with soap dispenser. It is vital for your health and employees. Without sanitizing you cannot make your environment safe and secure.