Which is the best Bronze soap dispenser for my company?

Soap dispensers are an irreplaceable hygiene article in the catering and hotel industries. In principle, it is important to create a simple and reliable way of washing hands in all sanitary rooms. The classic soap is no longer an alternative these days and is only used privately, if at all. A bronze soap dispenser is recommended for professional use.

 Bronze soap dispenser

The attachment to the wall serves to protect against theft and vandalism. It also makes it very easy to use for the guest. The lever or push button can easily be operated with one hand. Refilling the soap dispenser also makes it economical. The respective liquid soap can be ordered in 5 liter containers. This means that the costs are lower and the cleaning staff can fill the soap dispenser themselves if necessary.

Material of the bronze soap dispenser offers

The material of the different soap dispensers also determines how much and in what quality you have to invest. The capacity of most models is 250 ml, 500 ml or even over 1 liter. The bronze soap dispenser does not have to be constantly refilled and are sufficient for many weeks depending on the operation in the hotel or restaurant.

Various models also have a built-in window that shows when the content is nearing its end. It is especially useful for the cleaning staff. Furthermore, some soap dispensers and general hygiene dispensers can be locked with a cylinder lock. This means that they cannot be opened without a key.

Plastic soap dispenser

For example, there are shower gel dispensers made of plastic. The costs are between € 15.00 and € 50.00. But there are also plastic soap dispensers with powder coating and stainless steel operating levers, which start at € 100. The acquisition costs are lower for the cheaper bronze soap dispenser, but the function can be impaired after a longer period of time.

Quality is particularly important in the hotel and catering industry. It is then worth investing in high-quality plastic soap dispensers or stainless steel models. It is important to ensure that the moving parts such as the operating lever are made of a robust material.

Bronze soap dispenser

Bronze soap dispenser starts from € 50.00 and differ depending on the manufacturer and quality. High-quality models from Wagner EWAR cost more than € 100.00 upwards. In addition to their longevity, they impress with their perfect function and aesthetics. Soap dispensers and general hygiene dispensers made of stainless steel are very robust. Therefore, these are also used in public areas.


These dispensers with a glossy surface, but should be cleaned daily. Because fingerprints and water droplets are very quickly visible on the shiny surface. In addition, there are also stainless steel hygiene dispensers with powder coating or in matt. Bronze soap dispenser is a bit more expensive, but traces of use are less visible on the surface. Cleaning can also be carried out easily.

Combination dispenser

There are also hand care combination dispensers. These have two or three dispensers in one. This means that you can store various liquids such as liquid soap, disinfectant and hand lotion in one dispenser.

Sanitary equipment in one design

In the catering and hotel industry, they also want the entire sanitary facility to fit together. Manufacturers that produce hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, disinfectant dispensers, and cream dispensers can guarantee the same designs.

Dosing function of the bronze soap dispenser

In addition to the different materials, there are also a number of different dosing functions of bronze soap dispenser. It often depends on where the soap dispenser is used. For example, there is a requirement in healthcare facilities to only use soap dispensers without hand contact. So soap dispensers with arm levers or sensors are preferred here.

Types of Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser with sensor

Sensor soap dispensers have already been developed to the point that they also work very well. Choose one of the top manufacturers and you won't have any problems. If the sensor should ever be defective, the top manufacturers usually offer a quick and competent solution.

Push button or operating lever

Mostly, however, simple bronze soap dispenser with a push button or operating lever is sufficient. The soap is dosed onto the hand by simply pressing the button. The principle of the piston pump allows a certain amount of soap to drip onto the hand. Here, too, the focus is on economic considerations.

As already mentioned, it is important to ensure that the operating lever is made of a compact material. The pump itself should also be of high quality and come with a non-drip guarantee. Nobody wants to find drops of soap on floors or washbasin fittings.
Bronze soap dispenser 2021

Types of soap

Commonly there are three types of soaps in market i.e. liquid soap, foam soap, disinfectant soap. You now know what kind of soap dispenser you would like to buy. Now all you have to do is decide about the content.

Ø Liquid soap

The liquid soap is probably the most common soap in the bronze soap dispenser. Liquid soaps are surfactants that are dissolved in water and are therefore in liquid form. Surfactants are the reason that two liquids that are actually immiscible with one another, such as oil and water, can be finely mixed. But there are also foam soaps or disinfectant soaps.

Ø Foam soap

Foam soap is becoming more and more popular in the sanitary world. Similarly, foam soap is extremely efficient to use. The foam only forms after the dosing pump have been activated, which means that costs can also be reduced because less soap is used as a result. The foam can be rubbed very easily with wet hands. Washing hands with foam soap feels particularly pleasant and washing up is extremely easy.

Ø Disinfectant soap

In addition to bronze soap dispenser, disinfectant dispensers can often be found. Disinfection is extremely important, especially in the field of care, in medical practices and hospitals. Disinfectant dispensers are also increasingly found in front of the entrance to restaurants. These dispensers are also available with a stand and can therefore be set up individually.

The consistency of the disinfectant hardly differs from that of the liquid soap. Hence, most soap dispensers can also be used for disinfectant. Many customers therefore buy two soap dispensers, one for liquid soap and the other for disinfectant.