5 Proven Benefits of installing OXO soap dispenser in Homes

Before facilitating the routine of employees of a company with products such as OXO soap dispenser, it was already the goal of conscious brands. These places have always been attentive to this care in relation to users of a service and public service spaces. And now what common to a differential has become the rule for any self-respecting initiative.

 OXO soap dispenser

Limpium Group, attentive to market needs, works with the supply of dispensers and other cleaning equipment. After all, the brand recognizes that it is an efficient mechanism to combat the spread of viruses and bacteria. So, to help keep your environments sanitized and employees safe, call Limpium.

OXO soap dispenser: Efficient solutions for safer work

You may have had contact with OXO soap dispenser on several occasions. The equipment is nothing less than a support for placing items. It can be in major cleaning, and is usually installed in public spaces. The product is usually placed on walls in environments with high circulation, to facilitate the cleaning of those who circulate through the space. The dispenser can hold toilet paper, paper towel for hands.

Easily accessible and easy to use for all, the equipment is economical, as it allows control of the product placed. It guarantees democratic access to the item within the locations. And, finally, it also provides another possibility of brand recognition. It allows for the customization of the pieces.  OXO soap dispenser makes a difference for your employees, for your company's visibility and also for society.

Important benefits of OXO soap dispenser

These devices are often found in restaurants, malls, hospitals and even in some homes. And that's because of its functionality. Among the main advantages of the wall gel alcohol dispensers are: It is controlling the output of the material to be distributed, such as paper towels, toilet paper or liquid soap. In the case of alcohol gel this is very important, as some people still overdose, which creates waste.


OXO soap dispenser is easy to supply and at the same time safe to install in public spaces. It has good durability, especially if you are careful when choosing the brand, and in this case, it can help you with all the property that this matter requires. It meets the market, with all the demands placed on it; Last but not least.


Enabling access to an item, such as the dispenser, in your company motivates people to see themselves as important individuals, whose actions also impact the whole. So, whether in times of facing the pandemic or not, make a pact with your self-care employees, so that everyone understands your value and act as agents in your company.

And if you need some guidance or supply OXO soap dispenser, choose serious companies for this partnership.  We recognize these values ​​and are ready to help you. The combination of safety, practicality and economy is what many health clinics want when it comes to work equipment. This accessory became popular for being a practical and effective option to maintain the necessary hygiene.

What is the OXO soap dispenser?

The dispenser is an accessory that provides and controls the use of items such as liquid soap, paper towels and alcohol gel. It can be installed in environments such as bathrooms, corridors, service rooms and serves to maintain proper hand hygiene. After the Covid-19 pandemic, this OXO soap dispenser became even more necessary and indispensable.

After all, the transmission of the disease and of many other viruses occurs through the contact of the hands with the entrances such as nostrils and eyes. Usually installed on the walls, they are made of plastic material or stainless steel, have different sizes and many models have the option of refilling.

Types of dispensers

As mentioned above, there are several types of dispensers and many of them are essential for the cleaning of your clinic or office. Below, we have separated the main examples:

Paper towel dispenser

Very popular, the paper towel dispenser is very cost-effective. It allows only one paper to remove at a time. It increases the economics of the product wherever it is installed. This OXO soap dispenser has different sizes and versions and you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Floss dispenser

The dental floss dispenser is a modern and compact solution intended for use in dental clinics, corporate and residential environments. Many models offer the option of custom dosage, which allows the user to define the correct length of yarn they want to use.

Dispenser for liquid soap or gel alcohol

Extremely necessary in healthcare establishments, the dispenser of alcohol gel or liquid soap is suitable for hand hygiene. Its use is effective, as it brings greater savings to the product and can be easily replenished through refills.

Advantages of using OXO soap dispenser

In addition to all the features mentioned above, there are some advantages of using OXO soap dispenser that make it even more necessary. They are resistant and durable options, especially when opting for good brands in the market. Dispenser filling is quick and can be done in a few minutes. It Helps to control the time interval needed for purchasing and replenishment of products.

We all have notions of hygiene. Therefore, we use soap in liquid or solid form to wash our body or for the dishes. However, not all of us use soap dispenser technology.
OXO soap dispenser 2021

In fact, it is a device intended to provide liquid soap or any hydroalcoholic solution on demand. It exists under the manual and automatic variable. Let's take a look at the strengths of the latter.

OXO soap dispenser is an Elegant equipment

There is no doubt that the OXO soap dispenser is more attractive and decorative than the soap dishes and pump bottles that marked the beginning of the 20th century. Indeed, the vast majority of vending machines come with chrome or stainless steel coatings, which give them an ultra-modern appearance and brings a special touch to our kitchen or our shower.