Which are the best sensor soap dispensers for your home in 2021?

sensor soap dispensers
The liquid sensor soap dispensers have become infallible pieces in the bathrooms of any business. Not only because they allow the elimination of germs, have bacteria or viruses, but they also generated a greater sense of order in this type of room.

And as you know, a bathroom that makes a good impression are points that your company or local adds; when you want to make an agreement or retain your customers. In short: they help strengthen the image of your business.

Why sanitizer dispenser is important today?

That's how important these gadgets are today. Of course, we must also highlight the fact that the pandemic has created a new normal where having devices and products that allow hand disinfection within reach are a priority.

However, there is much more to note in relation to these devices. Do you want to find out? Keep reading this post!

Table of contents

1 Everything you need to know about liquid sensor soap dispensers

1.1 Benefits of a soap dispenser

1.2 Types of soap dispensers

1.2.1 Manual dispensers

1.2.2 Automatic dispensers

2 Automatic Hydroalcoholic Gel or Liquid Soap Dispenser

2.0.1 Automatic Hydroalcoholic Gel or Liquid Soap Dispenser

3 Conclusion: Which dispenser to choose?

Everything you need to know about liquid sensor soap dispensers

You may have heard it before, but liquid soap dispensers are designed to give you just the right amount of soap to sanitize your hands without much work.

Even if you bet on an automatic model, you can forget about your worry of making contact with a device or surface. And the soap will come out of the dispenser once you place your hands near its nozzle.

That said; let's start by talking about the advantages these devices offer.

Benefits of a soap dispenser

It does not matter that you have used these bathroom accessories to add elegance to your business, avoid possible spills or control the amount of soap used by customers, the location of liquid sensor soap dispenser in your company or establishment is an action that both you and your customers will appreciate it.


One of the characteristics that people value most about these devices (in the case of automatic models), is that they avoid direct contact with surfaces that may be infected.

Sensor soap dispenser reduces the covid chances

This is a better way to reduce the chances of getting illnesses caused by germs or viruses. In addition, they are more hygienic and cleaner because you can prevent the disasters that traditional soap dishes sometimes generate.

We should also add that the dispensers are more practical when washing your hands and provide the necessary amount of soap, something that can help you save money.

Sensor soap dispenser have multiple Applications

Another positive aspect of incorporating liquid sensor soap dispensers in the bathroom of your business or home is that they allow us to save time, thanks to their excellent load capacity. Well, it is not necessary to be recharging them every time you go to the bathroom.

Last but not least, you can currently find a multitude of designs that adapt to the style of different types of establishments and businesses.

Types of soap dispensers

This is a sector that has evolved a lot over the years, since it has focused on offering innovative proposals. This explains why these devices have changed a lot over time, although there are still only two types of soap dispensers.

Manual dispensers

The manual sensor soap dispensers are usually the cheaper and, therefore, were the most common in establishments. The disadvantage of these models is that to use them you must press the dispenser button so that a small amount of soap comes out.

This action means coming into direct contact with the device that has surely been used by other people and, in addition, you will surely have to press the button once more to acquire the necessary dose of soap.

And not only that, it is very common for these types of liquid soap dispensers to lead to spills in the place because sometimes the dose that it delivers can be exaggerated, not to mention that putting so much pressure on the button sometimes causes the device to slip.

  • Manual soap dispenser
  • Automatic dispensers.

Automatic sensor soap dispensers:

Self- operating liquid sensor soap dispensers are the most stylish and practical in the industry. Above all because they integrate sensors that serve to detect the presence of your hands once they are near the mouthpiece, issuing the appropriate amount of soap for hand sanitization.

Therefore, this is an option that avoids direct contact with the device, so it is a great bet to generate a better impression in times of pandemic.

Of course, automatic models require annual maintenance to ensure efficiency. In addition, their operation depends on the use of batteries and they are usually more expensive.

sensor soap dispensers 2021

What does a sensor soap dispenser offer?

In addition, we must emphasize that this sanitizing station includes a drip tray so that the disinfectant does not spill on the floor, something that prevents possible accidents caused by slips and falls. 

In summary? It does its job very well.


  • Includes support.
  • Supports different dispensers.
  • Its price.


  • Available in one color

Even so, these "disadvantages" do not represent a problem when you consider that sensor soap dispensers are more hygienic, cleaner and promote orderly devices.

It seems incredible but the pandemic has created a new normal. And this means that every time a person walks into a business they expect to find hand sanitizing options. Of course, it is one for good reason: to avoid getting Covid-19.

The sanitizing stations and gel sensor soap dispensers:

They are great allies for your clients to feel confident.

Placing these units in different parts of your business not only allows both your staff and your clients to clean and sterilize their hands whenever they want, it is also a sign of the commitment you have to keep people as healthy as possible.


Which sensor soap dispensers to choose?

A good sensor soap dispenser has to be ergonomic, hygienic and help keep the place in a neat condition.

So when looking for liquid soap dispensers for your business or for your home, it is best to opt for an automatic operating model; as they avoid direct contact, device slipping and possible spills.  

We hope this article has helped you discover much more about these hand hygiene-oriented devices.