3 important Tips to use automatic foaming soap dispenser during Covid in 2021

Soap dispenser: types and functions

The automatic foaming soap dispenser is in the form of soft foam diluted in water according to proportions defined by the manufacturer. It is also possible to find on the market particular types of liquid soap already prepared to be dispensed in the form of foam. These types of dispensers can be automatic or pressure and generally the base material is metal or plastic.

 automatic foaming soap dispenser

The pressure dispenser is the traditional model formed by a container in which a pump is immersed, activated by the pressure of the fingers on the dispenser. It can be made of plastic, glass or ceramic, while the pump is usually made of plastic. The cost varies according to the base material. This type of dispenser is made in a home or wall-mounted version, the latter present in public bathrooms or offices

Types of dispensers

There are different types and made of various materials, automatic foaming soap dispenser and manual pressure. Among these there are dispensers capable of dispensing soap thanks to the use of the elbow rather than the classic lever to be moved manually; Cartridge : it is generally wall mounted and mainly common in public places or hotels.

Refilling takes place by installing a cartridge with a cap, which must be open before inserting the cartridge.  

How to repair automatic foaming soap dispenser 

There are a few simple steps to repair a dispenser that stops dispensing soap. If the operating pump becomes clogged, simply place it under a spray or immerse it in hot water. By pushing the nozzle you can free the pumping tube from soap residues. Depending on the hardness of these residues, you can decide whether to let the pump rest for about ten minutes or more.


For particularly hard soap debris it will be necessary to use a special brush to insert in the dispensing tube to free these accumulations. If you need to clean or repair the dispenser pump, you can proceed by soaking this component with lubricating oil for about 30 minutes. We rinse it several times in hot water same is easy to repea with automatic foaming soap dispenser.

The best automatic foaming soap dispenser in 2021 at the best price

Find the dispenser you are looking for now at the best price. Below you can see a classification of dispensers restricted to the most popular products. These products are of quality and with a good stock and some of these are also available here.

The automatic foaming soap dispenser is a very practical and hygienic tool that allows you to wash your hands without using solid soap. The latter, in fact, represents a real receptacle for bacteria. And it is therefore less hygienic than the liquid one.

Automatic foaming soap dispenser in public places

In these cases, it is easy to come into contact with a large number of people and it is a good rule to wash your hands frequently. In this way it is possible to eliminate even very dangerous bacteria and viruses, avoiding any contagions and infections.  

Not only that, for many structures the presence of automatic foaming soap dispenser for the sanitation of hands and body represents a real legal obligation.

Why do you need automatic foaming soap dispenser?

It therefore becomes necessary to equip one with the appropriate tools, including hygienic and effective automatic soap dispensers. The professional soap dispenser is very useful in the office and in any work context, where many people pass by every day, and where there can be a greater spread of germs and bacteria. Thanks to this useful tool you can then wash your hands in complete tranquility.

Types of soap dispensers

There are different types of soap dispensers on the market, manual, automatic foaming soap dispenser, wall or sink.

Manual soap dispenser

The manual soap dispenser is the classic soap dispenser that we find in restaurants, offices, bathrooms of schools, hospitals and all environments very frequented by the general public. It is usually a type of wall dispenser, applied to the wall just above the sink, and works with a small pressure on a lever in its lower part, from which a given amount of soap, liquid or foam can be released.

Automatic foaming soap dispenser with infrared sensor and led light

An automatic foaming soap dispenser works with infrared sensor and led light. In practice it comes with an infrared sensor. Absolutely without touching the dispenser, the sensor detects motion and delivers a quantity of soap useful for a hand washing.

Important Tips to use automatic foaming soap dispenser

  1. Closing Options

The opening and closing of automatic foaming soap dispenser is very simple. Choose those that have both options.

Dispensers that only have the side button do not offer us security. Anyone can open them.

With the dispensers that offer both options you can close with the key and if you lose it, you can open it using the side button.

  1. Spare parts

Buy your dispensers from companies that provide replacement parts easily, so you can exchange or maintain your product as quickly as possible.

  1. Quality and durability

When buying these products, look for brands that offer great quality and durability. So you can buy them and don't have to worry about changing them soon. Quality dispensers last for years.
automatic foaming soap dispenser 2021

Conclusion automatic foaming soap dispenser

Most companies and shopping centers have already adopted the use of soap dispensers in their bathrooms. Moreover, they have installed on other places that require cleanliness.

This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but because this equipment offers a series of benefits, such as:

  • cost reduction
  • Practicality and excellent health care.

See some advantages of opting for the soap dish and what makes it the best option.

Avoid waste

The automatic foaming soap dispenser has a control for the soap output. This way, there is no waste. And, by pressing the button, the person has access to enough quantity to wash their hands. it is possible to save, not only the product, but also financial resources.