How does autofoam soap dispenser keep your company bacteria-free?

Why cleanliness is essential for any organization?

 autofoam soap dispenser

Cleanliness is an important aspect of any organization for at least two powerful reasons. Firstly, it is related to the physical and mental health of workers and, secondly, because its management says a lot about how an organization takes care of its business image.

In view of the above, one of the places to take care of is the bathroom and a good way to start is with a simple autofoam soap dispenser.

How does the autofoam soap dispenser work?

It depends on the type of dispenser. The household dispenser is a simple accessory made of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic and with a lid that is operated to release the liquid soap contained in it.

In the case of public and work toilets, we generally see a rectangular box to which a bag of disinfectant soap is inserted in its front part.

This small box has a lever that when pressed causes the soap to come out through a nozzle, although there are automatic versions of autofoam soap dispenser that are activated by a sensor.

Why Invest in an autofoam soap dispenser at work?

1. Absenteeism due to illness is avoided

Hands are home to thousands of germs, microbes, fungi, and other potentially infectious agents. Only in fingerprints it is common to find colonies of staphylococci when looking under a microscope, which are responsible for some common diseases such as pneumonia.

Worldwide, the number of coronavirus infections amounts to more than 150 million people (and continues to increase). Although this is delicate, we must remember that COVID-19 is not solely responsible for viral diseases.

What can we do to take care of germs? Using an autofoam soap dispenser for hand hygiene is essential in a cleaning and disinfection protocol within a company.

6 characteristics of an ideal gel autofoam soap dispenser

In the market, and even more so with contingency, there are several types of alcohol gel dispenser. But how do you choose the right one?

Let's look at some characteristics that they must have to be effective!

  1. Autofoam soap dispensershould be able to quickly supply the product

These devices are generally located in areas where a large number of people circulate.

We refer to office spaces, shopping centers and other high traffic places where hand hygiene is essential.

Having to wait a long time in front of the alcohol gel dispenser creates queues and uncomfortable waits (which increases the risk of contagion). Therefore, the device should have a correct dosage in a few seconds.

2. Your size must be appropriate

In the places of sale of gel alcohol autofoam soap dispenser, we will get these devices in very practical sizes.

Why? We must bear in mind that, regularly, they must be recharged with alcohol gel and the large dimensions hinder this work.

In addition, a very large or small gel alcohol dispenser totem is uncomfortable for its users.

A standard size lightens the process and makes refilling easier.

3. Auto foam soap dispenser more than just hand hygiene

The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that fever are one of the first symptoms of COVID-19.

This clearly indicates that caring for collective health implies verifying any alteration of this nature. That is why, being in a sale of gel alcohol dispensers, we should acquire one with a thermal camera.

 autofoam soap dispenser 2021

Today there are devices sensitive to body heat that alarm when the temperature reaches risky levels.

  1. Made of durable materials

As we explained at the beginning of this article, SARS-CoV-2 coexists with other common viruses.

Unfortunately, the stay of these viruses (with their different forms of contagion) will continue indefinitely among us.

All this indicates that the alcohol gel autofoam soap dispenser totem will be with us for a long time. So, we should have one with materials that withstand time, public use and are not weakened by the chemicals present in the product.

5. Autofoam soap dispenser Maintenance should be easy

It is difficult to think that an alcohol gel dispenser located in public spaces does not require maintenance. We are talking about gel refills, external and internal cleaning, or in some cases, making small substitutions of parts.

Today, practicality and ease have become the norm. Therefore, a dispenser with a simple design and without many parts should allow maintenance in a matter of minutes.

  1. If they are automatic, much better!

An autofoam soap dispenser has sensors that are activated by perceiving our body nearby. This gives us the opportunity to obtain a dose of gel without having the slightest contact with them. Does it have advantages? Definitely yes. Some are:

  • Better hygiene.
  • Attractive and modern.
  • Unique dosage that does not waste the product.

 The solution is to wash your hands every day with a properly sealed dispenser with disinfectant liquid soap, because soap outdoors can also become a huge reservoir of germs.

2. It becomes part of the corporate culture

The good thing about the soap dispenser is that it does not necessarily have to be in the bathroom, we can also place at the entrance of the business, in the warehouse, near the offices, the dining room and anywhere where it is frequent to get your hands dirty.

Although we have all been taught to wash our hands since we were little, if things make easy for us with an accessory that is easy to use, attractive and "close at hand", it will be difficult for us to forget to use an autofoam soap dispenser several times during the day.

3. Reinforces the good image of the organization

A study conducted by Medical Construction and Design showed that 73% of employers think that a bad bathroom environment indicates the mismanagement of an organization.

And indeed, few will want to return to a restaurant or hotel that has a smelly bathroom. A good way to start a clean and elegant bathroom is with a disinfectant soap dispenser.


Now, it is advisable to opt for one of these practical and elegant accessories for the bathroom, such as those offered by Rentokil, since not just any autofoam soap dispenser will work, it is important that it guarantees the correct sealing of the disinfectant liquid soap, antibacterial surface and compact design.