Why Should You Invest in a Soap Dispenser?             

Better living with a Soap Dispenser

The way of living has changed in the year 2020. So we can have a fresh start in the year 2021. The world is suffering from a global pandemic. The first thing that comes to our mind is buying a product that can help us fight during these hard times. One such product is a soap dispenser. 

So this is the right time to shift from soap to soap dispenser. With the increasing demand for safe hygiene in the past year due to pandemics, self-care and contactless meetings are highly demanded.

Reasons to buy a soap dispenser

For starters, a soap dispenser is safe and effective. Moreover, you don't have to buy the entire dispenser again. On the contrary, modern and sophisticated soap dispensers come with refillable features. This one-time investment tends to yield effective and efficient results. 

Moreover, these dispensers are eco-friendly. Unlike plastic soap packaging, they are not causing any harm to the environment. Something we all should be worry about. 

In addition to offering security, the dispensers have become a status symbol. They tend to contribute towards the aesthetic sense of your house, building, or any other place. Previously, we saw soap dispensers in Fancy Hotels. It was their way to complement their bathroom. 

However, now, these dispensers have become an imperative part of every industrial, commercial and residential building. A soap dispenser is a glimpse of the technology which can be very effective in the prevention of bacteria and germs. 

Types of soap dispensers

There are different types of soap dispensers for commercial bathrooms such as manual surface-mounted, manual lavatory-mounted, and sensor-operated lavatory-mounted. Well, every person has his taste but people like things to be as simple as they can be. The sensor-operated lavatory-mounted soap dispensers do not require any manual operation. There is a tiny sensor under the spout you just have to put your hands within a short distance and your eco-friendly soap will pop out.

What Is A Soap Dispenser?

A soap dispenser is a small bottle or a device that dispenses soap(usually in small single-use quantities). Well, different kinds of designs can find out whether the soap comes in liquid, powder, or foam form. When the soap is in liquid form it is usually in a press kind of bottle. Various soap dispensers take soap bars to crush them into powder form and use them in a plastic bottle. Williams shepherd was the man who created and gave this amazing device to us. The soap dispenser creation took place for hospitals originally so that the soap doesn’t catch bacteria. 

What differences can soap dispensers bring to us?

Soap dispensers are highly effective and efficient. They prevent the wastage of soap as only a smart amount of soap is pumped when you press the button. On the other hand, a lot of soap goes to waste due to constant contact with water. 

What more is that the soaps are packed in plastic and approximately 79% of all single-use plastic end up in junkyards or dumping ground. These are big numbers unfortunately we are making steps every year and this can be a new start by eliminating plastics. Every month we bring items such as shampoo bottles washing powder-soft drinks etc. 

However, if we shift to dispensers, we can actually avoid contributing to plastic pollution. People always have their concerns regarding buying a new product or having a change but this could be a good one. This is worth it as we know sanitizers are being used very regularly and soap dispensers can also function as sanitizer dispensers. We can also install them in the kitchen and various other places.

Aids in Fight Against Covid-19

As hospitals get overly crowded due to covid-19 therefore you need to take precautionary measures. As every person which enters the hospital must wash his hands right from the entrance. The great thing about soap dispensers is that it is not compulsory for the buyer to buy a particular brand of liquid or foam soap you can use any brand you like. It helps to prevent the washroom area from messy and untidy. There are different shapes and sizes of a soap dispenser.

We can choose a soap dispenser which comes in different designs such as botanical look can give a very enhancing look. There are 2 types of soap dispensers automatic soap dispenser and soap dispenser. 

Benefits of soap dispensers 

The soap dispenser has a lot of varieties. It prevents germs to enter into the liquid soap which protects it from bacteria. Soap dispensers help prevent the wastage of liquid soap.

Most of these dispensers support a number of liquids including soap, alcohol, and sanitizer. Therefore, you can use them for whatever and wherever you. The price of soap dispensers is very affordable. You can buy it for as low as $20.  The sinks are easy to clean as soap dispensers do not leave marks behind while bar soaps do. Soap dispensers have a longer lifetime than bar soaps.

There are also automatic soap dispensers that operate just by putting a hand under the soap dispenser. S Soap dispensers look very stylish and decent regardless of their surroundings. 

Are our soap dispensers worth it?

Yes, soap dispensers are totally worth it. A large bottle consists of less liquid soap when used with caution. In a crowded and large kitchen, soap dispensers are necessary as they are effective and efficient. Soap bars, on the other hand, are messy especially when you use them in a crowded place.  Dispensers also extend their usage in large public places that contain hand sanitizers.

Soap dispensers are also used in schools in restrooms and hand sanitizers on the wall due to the rise in the novel Covid-19. Many people think that these dispensers are not worth it, but then these are the people who do not understand the gravity of the situation.  To fight against something as dangerous as Covid, you need to use every weapon possible. Sanitizer dispensers have become increasingly popular tools.

Soap dispenser used for fashion

Nowadays soap dispensers installation in homes gives a decent and innovative look to your bathroom. People are customizing soap dispensers for fashion. They are customizing their soap dispensers with hydro dripping and spray paints. People are even creating their own Soap dispensers from things like Starbucks cups, Coca-Cola bottles, etc. This also shows how people are using soap dispensers and the demand and popularity of soap dispensers are increasing every day.

Best Place to Buy Dispensers 

Finding the right place to purchase dispensers for commercial or residential use can be a bit challenging. Certain companies have reliable home dispensers, whereas, others excel in commercial dispensers. However, if you reach out to Fengjie, you will find the best dispensers of every type. 

They ensure outclass commercial dispensers as well as sophisticated and stylish home dispensers. What more is their wide range of sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that suits your needs. 


In conclusion, we should try everything to make our atmosphere hygienic and healthy. There has been a long debate regarding whether we should go for bar soaps or soap dispensers. Sometimes we overlook small things that can affect us due to our carelessness. So we should choose health rather than thinking about inexpensive things. We should clean our hands before and after eating food. No matter what we should always choose a soap dispenser rather than bar soaps due to convenience and effectiveness.