Top 5 Fengjie and Delta Soap Dispenser to Invest In


Delta soap dispenser is best for bathroom and kitchen involving regular cleaning and washing

Delta soap dispenser comes forward to curb infections and contagions at greater length. The last years proves to be a real burden on human of this century. 2019 comes with a rise of deadly pandemic and many other things that we were unaware of. The COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole world. It however also teaches us a lot of stuff that we remained aloof to. Amidst the race of global production and mass consumerism, we forgot and completely neglected personal as well as human safety and hygiene. It eventually leads us to this end with seemingly no way out. Consequently, calling personal and collective health and hygienic practices a crucial global issue.  With this said, the world now runs fast towards the production as well as facilitation of soap dispensers across the globe. The importance of washing hands hence never became so important as it is now.

Fengjie and Delta Soap Dispensers

 Fengjie and delta soap dispenser are the leading names in soap and sanitizer dispenser units. Both brands are best for investing in as they minimize the chances and need for involving human touching in washing hands. However, between Fengjie and Delta, below is the detailed analysis of the product from both brands to buy and invest in.

Fengjie Custom OEM Touchless Soap Dispenser (F-1406-S-D)

Fengjie comes with its most selling item in competition with the delta soap dispenser.  It is the Fengjie custom OEM touchless soap dispenser. The best thing about this dispenser is that despite its name is not only feasible for the soaps only. It nonetheless is equally suitable for sanitizer and foam dispenser solutions as well. The product comes with three different pumps for these different uses. It is also capable of storing a large number of soap dispensers as 1200ml.

Furthermore, the product offers a refilling option which is the best feature. It eventually comes with an option of 1000 ml of a refill solution in case you get out of it. In addition to this, there is a locking mechanism with a window to protect the dispenser. It runs on a battery of 6V and 1A DC voltage. Nevertheless, with a standard model, the batteries are not available by default. The batteries are Type-C, R14 system.

With this power and batteries, the system is capable to deliver soap solutions 30,000 times in its lifetime. For monitoring purposes, the product also includes an LED light that indicates the low amount of soapy solution or low power. When it comes to leakage or dripping or any malfunction, the light appears to be also helpful. with these options, restaurants, public places and hospitals are enjoying the most of it.

Fengjie OEM Refillable Touchless Soap Dispenser with Tray (F-1406-S-T)

The second hot item that we chose in our list amongst the best Fengjie and delta soap dispensers to invest in is Fengjie OEM automatic soap dispenser with tray. The most attractive feature hence is this product is its built-in option for a tray. The product is a robust design that comes in a strong ABS plastic material. Therefore, safety, shocks, and little falls will not affect this model in an immediate sense.

delta soap dispenser

Furthermore, the model equips the same amount of capacity as its predecessors. It comes with the capacity of 1200 ml of soap solution. With this large container and huge capacity, the item listed as the bestselling product eventually for large vicinities and public places like restaurants, hospitals, and airports.

In addition to these features let us comes to discuss something more. The product comes in default black and white color. Similarly, it also offers a refill option not only for the soap solution but also for sanitizer. lotion, foam, and gel. The product only weighs 1.08 kgs. However, it uses 4 adapters of C-type batteries with 6V or 1 A DC voltage. Last but not least is that this product comes with an official warranty of 1 year.

Delta Soap and Lotion Dispenser (RP1001)

The next product that comes as the best product amongst Fengjie and delta soap dispenser is Delta Soap and Lotion Dispenser (RP1001). The RP1001 model is the most selling model and comes with official sales offers quite often. The product is a table of shelf-mount design that is suitable eventually for permanent usage in bathrooms or kitchens. It also, like other famous products, offers a multi-usage facility. By this hence it means that the product is not only designed for soap disinfection solution.

However, you can also use it for sanitizer and lotion as well. The product carries a large capacity of the 13-ounce storage tank. It furthermore offers a refillable facility just above the deck with an included refillable funnel for easy refill. The model comes in a variety of designs and finishes as per the ambiance of the facility. The most attractive thing that this product offers is its official Lifetime warranty.

Delta Lotion/ Soap Dispenser (RP50781)

The last best product that we find to invest amongst the Fengjie and delta soap dispenser is Delta Lotion/Soap Dispenser (RP50781) model. The RP59781 is famous for its attractive design and shiny looks. It is made to use as a soap and lotion dispenser thus clarifying its versatility of usage. The product also comes with the same capacity of 13 ounces. One can refill the product with refillable soap or lotion just from above the deck. It comes with a separate refillable funnel so that it must be safe, clean, and easy for one to refill. It eventually helps in avoiding the spilling of disinfecting solution on clothes and hands.

Furthermore, the product is a fine design for its attractive appearance and versatile design. This feature consequently makes it a suitable choice to invest in when it comes to décor and matching the internal ambiance. Similarly, with its sleek and modern look, it adds more allure and meaning to your facility. It also comes with a lifetime official warranty.

Final Verdict:

As we have observed Fengjie and delta soap dispenser in detail, we find no such apparent flaws. Alternatively, we have observed many advantages and features which add more points to the reason to invest in these products. Due to the lack of flaws and drawbacks, the products are therefore are competing and growing in the market at a fast pace. However, the price of the delta soap dispenser is slightly higher. But this is because of a lot of high-tech features and lifetime warranty options.