Common Problems with Cheap Quality Dishwasher Soap Dispensers



 A dishwasher soap dispenser can start to malfunction if it is of cheap quality. Seeing that you clicked on this article, it is apparent that you have faced such hassles multiple times. Or that you can't seem to crack the reason why your dishwasher soap dispenser starts to react that way.

 If you wish to know the reasons behind such disorganisation and their solutions, you've come to the right website. Since not only are we going to discuss these problems but we shall also overview some tips and tricks that can help you avoid such nuisance in the long run.

But before we catch up with our flow, let's briefly analyse what dishwasher soap dispensers are and how they operate for any beginners reading this article.

A spring-operated door latch controls a dishwasher soap dispenser. This mechanism is wired into the control board of your dishwasher. When the dishwasher's cycle has reached the point where it has to release the soap, the control board sends a message to the dishwasher soap dispenser that it is time to pop open.

Let’s investigate!

  1. Your Dishwasher Gets Stuck:

One of the most typical problems in a dishwasher soap dispenser is that your dishwasher gets stuck. When this happens, you have no choice but to open up that panel and investigate. The chances are that it happened because of the soap detergent that has stuck, preventing the spring to operate in its usual way.  

Well, for this problem, all you'll need to do is rinse the area with hot water and use a small brush to scrub away that soap that has hardened.  The addition of vinegar to your water is also going to do the trick for you. 

  1. Broken Spring:

When the spring responsible for opening and closing the dishwasher soap holder is broken, you must replace it. For sure, this is not easy, but it is an imperative task.

Neglecting this issue shall only create more problems such as your dishes will not get cleaned properly. Hence getting a new dishwasher soap dispenser is the only sound alternative.


  1. A Leaking Dishwasher:

If you notice that your dishwasher is leaking, the first step must be to check the door and the gasket. Try to locate any large debris, damage or cracks that may keep the door from sealing after use. 

Thoroughly clean your dishwasher with a disinfectant, but there nothing much you can do about the cracks. You would need to replace the gasket as soon as possible.  Check for any other minor issues that may be messing with your gasket. 

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  1. Food or Crumbs Remain on the Dishwasher:

Food crumbs remaining on the plate is an almost everyday issue that occurs in dishwashers. Since dishwashers are machines that do all the work by themselves, such scenarios baffle people. 

It is best to know that all models of dishwasher don’t come with removable filters. That is why always make sure that you inspect the machine’s manual before buying it. 

Anyways, if your filters are grimy and clogged, it can render the food particles to remain on the dishes and impacts the cleaning performance of the unit's system. It is a good idea to clean your filters after some specific period to avoid such complication. 

  1. A Worn Gasket:

With frequent usage, the rubber gasket on the soap container can indeed get worn out or cracked. First, look around it carefully and remove any residue or excess build-up of soap. If that fails, try to rub some Vaseline into the gasket. That shall aid in making it moist. If this too doesn’t help, then you’ll have to buy a new one. 

Such cracks and problems are labelled as detrimental and should be avoided if you can't buy a dishwasher immediately. That is why be a little gentler with your dishwasher. 

  1. It Makes A lot of Noise:

This issue has got to be the most annoying one out of the whole seven. If your dishwasher was in perfect shape till last night and has started to generate weird noises out of the blue, then there is a problem in the inner parts of your dishwasher. 

If the wash arm is bent, it could make strange noises if the bearing rings and seals that require replacing can create shaking noises.  Again this is a widespread problem reported. 

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After all, a high quality product would ensure that you get proper cleaning while eliminating the disadvantages of a low quality soap dispenser. Therefore, we always recommend that you invest in good quality soap dispensers. 

  1. The Dishwasher Smells Disgusting:

Honestly, the last thing you want is for your dishwasher to smell bad. Unless you are leaving your dishes for prolonged periods in the dishwasher, the following can be the reason for your dishwasher's odour. 

Trapped food can be one of the reasons. If there is food that is decomposing in your dishwasher and isn't cleaned by the filters, then you can expect a very stinging odour from your dishwasher. Make a habit of pre-washing your dishes before you enter them into the dishwasher. 

Another problem could be the plastic plates that melted because of the high heat levels in the dishwasher and caused a chemical smell. 


We hope that this article helped you identify the problems and reinforce the solutions if your dishwasher isn't working the way it used to. Thank you for reading our blog post!