Sink Soap Dispenser - Three Reasons to Choose Countertop Dispenser

Why Choose Sink Soap Dispenser ?

People often use small bottles of soap collected in a gel form to sanitize their hands. If you are a family of four, one bottle is going to vanish quickly and you would have to buy another one. Instead of buying a wide array of these tiny hand-santizing bottles, why don’t you bring in a sink soap dispenser?

 Wouldn’t life be much easier than before if you replace your multiple hand-sanitizing soap bottles with just one sink soap dispenser? Think of it once. Doing this will save you the trouble of getting rid of one soap and bringing in a new one, and then repeating it several times a month. It is most likely to save you a lot of time and effort. You might not need to refill the dispenser in at least 30 days if you use it wisely.

Here’s more to know if you are willing to install a countertop soap dispenser in your bathroom:

  • Little to no room for soap wastage with the sink soap dispenser.

Bathroom essentials also need to be wisely utilized. At times, not just the young members of the family but even adults use these things carelessly. As a result, you see things vanishing from the spot quicker than you expected. See, if you do not keep a check on these little expenses, you will keep getting the headache of overbudgeting. In order to adhere to the monthly budget you once planned, you got to be slightly strict on the utility of every small thing you bring in the house including sanitary essentials.

One of the most obvious reasons for wanting to install a sink soap dispenser is saving a great quantity of soap. We waste soap more often than we realize. We all know we do not need to wear our thinking cap before going to the bathroom to poop. That is the very reason, most of us are extremely careless with respect to our bathroom manners. Just because there’s no one looking at us at that time, we feel like taking our own sweet time to finally get over and done with the stuff we are to do.

Some people are habitual of letting the water tap run while they wash their hands. Some of them just like the foaming and frothing that soap usually creates. Different people have different quirks, indeed. A lot of soap is likely to get wasted when we are standing near the sink and thinking about all sorts of things that happened with us the whole day.

Let us say, when we are using a bar of hand soap, it often slips from our hands. With a sink soap dispenser, there will be no room for soap drifting from our hands. Hence, lesser chances of soap getting wasted. 

  • Rescue yourself from wasting 5% of it each time.

Just for an instance, when you are using small bottles of liquid soaps, some of the soap is often left unutilized in each bottle. The last drops of a liquid soap usually show resilience when they are forced to come out. And, for this reason, more often than not, we dump the bottle with some % of soap left in it. Save yourself from not using it to the fullest every single time.  

  • No plastic for a change, on a side note! 

Moreover, these bottles are almost always made of plastic. Plastic is being banned in many parts of the world for some obvious reasons. Plastic does no good to our planet and hence, we need to say no to everything made of it. Many governments are still trying to wrap their head around this thing but we don’t need to wait for them to take a strong initiative. We, as individuals, need to take a stand and do whatever it takes to minimize the consumption of plastic. On the plus side, if you take things in your own, the dispenser could be steel instead of plastic. 

  • Less cleaning would be required if there’s a sink soap dispenser 

If you are using a soap bar, it will require a tray where it can be placed. A soap bar does not look good lying beside the water tap on the sink. It has to have a proper soap tray where it can rest. Furthermore, this soap tray cannot be left dirty and grimy all the time. Somebody has to take the trouble of cleaning it every now and then. If you are a mom cum caretaker of the house, this responsibility would certainly lie on your shoulders. 

Even if you are not responsible for cleaning the bathroom, you would still feel cringe looking at the tray full of gloop. If you are conscious of keeping things clean, this thing will definitely bother you. A soap tray requires to be cleaned 3 to 5 times a month, at least. Being a soap bar user comes at the price of doing some extra cleaning. You will have to make sure you get the tray cleaned multiple times per month. 

Let’s say, if you have house help, it will be an additional responsibility for them to take a look at or around the sink for soap residue. If they spot something, they will have to clean it up along with cleaning the floor and toilet. And, they will certainly not be happy with it. 

  • A sink soap dispenser makes it rather easy! 

Nevertheless, a sink soap dispenser does not guarantee a bathroom that will remain clean 24/7. Mishaps can happen and they can be taken care of, simultaneously. Let us suppose, you accidentally hit the topper a little harder than usual and the spout jumps a little farther. Chances are high, it will fall within the sink. This tiny mess can be easily cleaned by the person present there. It will not require any special assistance.

No denying, mess can take place with or without a sink soap dispenser. Eventually, everything depends on how easy it is to do a quick clean-up. It all depends on whether it can be done within seconds or not. You cannot refrain from making a mess, however, you can have a sigh of relief when you know cleaning is super easy with a sink soap dispenser in place.

Sink Soap dispenser


There are countless advantages of having a soap sink dispenser installed in your bathroom. You will have to take the pains of installing it once or maybe twice a month. The rest of the days will be spent fuss-free. Cut to the chase, you will not have to stop in the midst of other chores only to recollect whether your bathroom has a decent quantity of soap left or not.

Sink soap dispensers are all the more rage these days. You are least likely to see other alternatives if you visit friends and/or acquaintances and use their bathroom. Sink soap dispensers are close to becoming the new normal, so to say. They make things less worrisome and toilsome for anyone who is in charge of keeping the house tidy. And, this is perhaps a reason good enough to consider them as an irreplaceable option for hand sanitization.

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