Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser and Dangers in Soap Dispenser

 Soap dispensers are devices that dispense soap in small amounts. They are either manual or an automatic. Kitchen soap dispensers are the need of the day. They save time and energy and are the modern marvels of plumbing and electronics. However, kitchen sink soap dispensers bring with them, dangerous problems which needs to be addressed.

 Fengjie Bathroom Co., Ltd. – A renowned Company for Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers

Fengjie Bathroom Co., a company established in China in 2007, is the leading innovators in the hygiene and cleaning industry. They aim to improve the environment. They are fully equipped with professionals and modern equipment. With more than 200 skilled workers and 20 professional designers, they provide quality control and fast service. They also focus on supplier partnerships. The company won the “Quality Chinese Toilet Supplier” prize in 2013.

In 2017, they strengthened themselves by registering a sub brand and making improvements in their products.


Products and Services:

The company provides a wide range of products including soap, aerosol, foam and sanitiser dispensers, diffusers, dryers, and hygiene products. They also deal in all kinds of services including processing, assembling, packaging, and shipping. They’ve gained a lot of experience, respect, and clients over time. They’re mostly known for kitchen soap dispensers.

Some of the most bought soap dispensers are listed below:

  • Touch-less Large Capacity Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

This type of automatic dispenser is suitable not only for soap but also for foam and sanitisers. It is widely used in kitchens, hotels, hospitals etc. The fascinating feature is its automaticity and safety. It also keeps you safe from infections because the device is automatic. Its maximum capacity is 1000ml with a net weight of about 4.3 kgs. Moreover, it is lockable and has a light indicator in case something bad happens. This device comes in variety of metal bases.


  • High Quality Wall Mounted Plastic Automatic Soap Dispenser

These kinds of devices are usually seen mounted on walls in kitchens and bathrooms. It can widely be used in airports, hotels, hospitals etc. It is an ideal kitchen soap dispenser with refillable bottle and low power light indicator. Its net weight is 940 g which makes it easier to manage. It won’t spoil your walls and comes with a year’s warranty.


  • Promotional High-Quality Manual Wall Mount Hand Soap Dispenser

Some people, out of fear of danger of current and circuits, still prefer manual soap dispensers for their kitchens and toilets. They are durable and economical. Their doses are adjustable and have a capacity of 1200 ml. They’re a good choice for kitchen soap dispensers.



  • Wall Mounted 1200 ml Manual Refillable Hand Sanitiser/Soap Dispenser

As the name suggests, it is a large capacity, dose adjustable soap dispensers which can be used in various public places like bus stations, kitchens, hotels etc. It has a vertical slide which protects the nozzle and has 3 different pumps for different options (soap, sanitiser, and foam).

These all and many other options are available on their site and they’re offering a sale on their products as well.


Dangers with Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers

According to cleaning and maintenance management (CMM), soap dispenser may promote unhygienic environment when dealt with in bulk. This can cause interruptions in creating a healthy and clean environment. These products and devices, without a doubt, have bought ease in our lives. They’re supposed to be convenient and hygienic. However, researchers are working on converting the refillable bulk soap dispensers to sealed dispensing systems. This will help the facility managers to eliminate the alarming health risks. Moreover, its benefits will also be monitored.


  • What Science has to Say

Careful studies have revealed that kitchen sink soap dispensers do not assure the integrity of the product. It is because of them being refillable and dealing with bulk quantities. Scientists believe that this can easily cause contamination and spread disease causing bacteria. These soap dispensers, instead of providing ease, are causing more problems. Scientists also say that people might leave with more germs than getting rid of them. They are not sure if these soap dispensers are even playing a role in elimination of germs and cleanliness or not.

A collaborative study in New Jersey reveals that the newly installed refillable bulk soap dispensers worked well in the early days. Over time, the contamination rate increased excessively. Another published study in Journal of Environmental Health states that there are unsafe levels of bacteria in one out of the four soap dispensers and that zero contaminations were observed in sealed dispensing systems. Another follow up study reveals that 25 times more bacteria were found on hands after washing hands from such soap dispensers. Even bleach is not able to remove the contaminations.


  • Spreading Awareness

We are well aware of the fact that media has become a very powerful weapon. This has gained a lot of attention by media. Moreover, the public is also concerned about their health. It is obvious that customers satisfaction is the utmost priority of the businesses. A recent survey by Cintas shows that almost 94 percent of people don’t want to do business if they come across any dirty restroom.

This has raised concerns among facility maintenance managers. How do they overcome such problems? One solution is to use sealed soap dispensing systems. This systems come with an innovative and modern design and machinery.


  • Advices

The product management director for GOJO advices facilities maintenance to opt for enterprising strategies for people to practice good hygienic habits. He believes that a good aesthetic design should be chosen which actually shows the product being dispensed. Touch free soap dispensers are a good and effective choice and it will also help in reducing waste. He also says that the choice of touch free soap dispensers is good for company’s image. It delivers the right amount of soap and some are easy to maintain.

Some companies offer a guarantee of the dispenser and no one wants to get into the hustle of setting a damaged soap dispenser. “Reliability is the key”, says Henry.


  • Camp Pendleton

This sealed dispenser technology has been used at the US Marine Base Camp Pendleton. It used green certified soaps in sealed refills that locked out germs. This initiative was taken so that federal agencies were convinced to purchase these environment friendly products and services. People never clean the bulk soap dispensers because they think that soap us self-cleaning but if closely seen, small moulds began to grow after some time.

This needed to be addressed and so sanitary sealed snap-in refill cartridges were used. This benefited the camp’s finances very much. The cost was also reduced. They were happy with the thick foam soap and touch free dispenser. This, moreover, simplified and maintained their routines.

Civilians and militants also responded to it in a favourable manner. Pena, the facilities manager said that, “Our customer (Camp Pendleton) is happy because we created for him, a healthy and a clean environment in the restroom”.