Introduction to Foam Soap Dispenser Home


Foam Soap Dispenser: Introduction, Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

 Foam soap home dispensers are aerosolized forms of soap. People commonly use foam soaps or in other words aerosolized liquid soaps in homes now a day.  Due to covid-19, the use of foam soap dispenser has increased 10 folds. Basically, they use a special pumping mechanism for these aerosolized liquid soaps. Hygienic behavior has always been important for the presentation of the spread of germs and microorganisms that can cause multiple types of infections.


Foam soap dispensers can be automatic or manual. The automatic dispenser consists of a battery and a sensor. The sensor in it detects the hand and releases the foam, on the contrary, manual foam soap dispensers used a hand liver mechanism. One has to press the lever to release foam soap from it.

Regardless of the type of foam soap dispenser that is automatic or manual, it has a dual mechanism. There are two pumps in it. We use one for air and the other for soap. Both pumps work together to create foam soap to wash hands. Whereas, a manual foam soap dispenser also consists of a button, which you need to press to squeeze the foam out of the dispenser. You will find this button mechanism in most of the liquid dispensers. Whereas, others use a lever to pull forward to squeeze foam soap.  Apart from soap liquids such as Alcohol, you can use sanitizers in their soap dispensers to kill infectious bacteria.

These foam soap dispensers can be installed, mounted on the wall, or put separately on the basin to wash hands.

Advantages of Foam Soap Dispenser home.

The usage of foam soap has inclined dramatically in recent years. Initially, soap dispensers were popular in the North American market but now they are also famous in the European market.  The reason behind the shift in the market demand is due to multiple reasons.

Less Usage of Water

Studies conducted by industries on the usage of soap foam analyzed the cause of its increase and why it is being promoted further rather than a hand soap in the market. The biggest advantage of using a foam soap dispenser home is the 16% less usage of water while washing hands as compared to washing hands with soap. Plus, if people use hand foam directly before wetting their hands leads to a 45% savage of water per wash. Now a day where clean water is becoming scarce in different parts of the world-saving water in itself is a big advantage. 

Helps Save Money 

Every household would like to save money on their commodities. Likeness towards such behavior has been depicted uncountable times during sale season in different markets. People end up stocking stuff to save money and buy more during sales. This brings us back to how foam soap dispensers help save money. With foam soap dispensers one gets more foam soap as compared to a bar soap thus where one needs two or three bar soaps one foam soap dispenser is more than enough.

Environment Friendly 

The foam soap dispenser home is environment friendly too. It reduces packing and transportation effects on the environment. Basically, foam soap lasts longer and you can refill it frequently, reducing the emission of gases during its production as well as its transportation. It with bar soap one need to use paper and plastic to pack it and then transport it, with foam dispenser’s industries end up saving the environment with less use of paper as well as decreasing their cost of production.

Liquid Does not Go Waste

Apart from this foam soap biodegrade quickly as compared to a traditional soap bar. The reason behind it is the mechanisms that the dispenser uses to pump the foam soap. The forced air in its production used instigate natural lathering. Thus, the dispenser uses less amount of soap for every handwash. This then results in lesser soap going into the drainage.  

Once a Status Symbol, Now a Necessity 

Though there is no big difference between bar soap and foam soap dispensers in their application of cleaning hands and bacteria it also produces a social and psychological effect. Companies use different means to advertise their foam soap dispenser for homes.  Initially, these dispensers were a symbol of luxury, however, now they have become a necessity. 

Advertisement companies are using these strategies to shift the paradigm from the usage of soap bars to foam soap dispensers. In these advertisements, they use celebrities to promote such products and how comfortable they are at using them.  Considering the psychological effects of the product, people using it considered themselves to have a certain standard in the society, they feel more hygienic.  Few studies point out that people of North America prefer liquid soaps or foam soaps over traditional bar soaps and the trend is settling in the European market as well. 

More Hygenic 

Lastly,  soap bars might not be hygienically as good as foam soaps. Normally, in a household, where a big family lives, a person suffering from a certain illness would need an individual soap bar. As this would not allow the germs to spread with the family. However, this is not the case with foam soap dispensers.  The soap within the dispenser is not contaminated, and once side, no one can reach it. The machine allows a small amount to come out, thus allowing everyone to use it.

Disadvantages of Foam Soap Dispensers

Foam soap dispensers have many benefits but simultaneously have their drawbacks too. Studies have shown that foam soap though is rapidly replacing soap bar in schools, markets, food industries, restaurants, and home tends to pose a risk in cleaning as well. Below are the disadvantages of foam soap dispenser home.

  • We use soaps basically to kill bacteria and prevent infection from spreading. Some studies did a comparison between liquid soaps and foam soaps. In the pilot study researcher used both traditional and foam soap techniques to wash hands. Participants used six seconds after wetting their hands to wash with foam soap and 4 seconds to dry it with tissue paper. After the procedure, their hands were tested for bacteria. There were more bacteria on hands that used foam soap dispensers to wash hands as compared to ones who used liquid soap to wash hands.
  • The foam soap dispenser sometimes starts dripping or leaking and one needs to replace it. Lack of timely replacement would result in the wastage of soap liquid present in the dispenser. In addition, it can contaminate the surrounding places of the dispenser. 
  • Secondly, the foam soap dispenser is refillable. Studies show that if these dispensers contain bacteria, it would still contain bacteria even after refilling the dispenser. Plus, even the person refilling the dispenser may contaminate the soap. Therefore, it is important to take certain precautionary measures to ensure such mishaps. 


Foam soap dispenser homes are handy as well as have many benefits for the user and the producer. Every product has its pros and cons. One needs to see which weighs more. In this case, keeping in a mind the cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly product foam soap dispenser home is better than a traditional soap bar. It not only provides the best services but a psychological and social comfort for its consumer. I would highly recommend the usage of a foam soap dispenser at home.