Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers Vs Manual Foam Dispensers -- Choosing the Best

Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers Vs Manual Foam Dispensers -- Choosing the Best

Comprehensive and regular cleansing of hands is essential for a healthy life. Most germs are transferred to the human body through hands and create several ailments. The need for frequent hand wash has become more significant after the outbreak of COVID-19. And for that reason, you find every commercial facility using different types of soap dispensers. The soap dispensers are a safe alternative to the ordinary bar soaps. These soap dispensing devices use different kinds of soaps, such as liquid, foam, gel, etc. Among all, foam soaps are more popular due to many added advantages. Apart from soap materials, these dispensers also stock sanitization materials, like alcohol-based sanitizers. When buying a soap dispenser, you can choose from various manual and automatic foam soap dispensers.

This article highlights the advantages and value that the two kinds of soap dispenser offer. Both have their unique benefits. But, their ultimate goal is the same; keeping your hands clean. You can read this article to know which option is best according to your needs.

Importance of Manual and Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers

Installation of soap dispensers and hand sanitizers in a commercial facility ensures cleanliness, effectively. They are also used widely for home applications because of affordability. If we talk in today’s perspective, manual and automatic foam soap dispensers help prevent viral diseases and infections by stopping their spread. Health experts recommend washing hands with water and soap for 20 seconds at lease, and repeatedly. However, many top health organizations recommend the use of alcohol-based sanitizers and soap dispensers.

There are two reasons why soap dispensers and sanitizers are a better option than regular bar soaps. First, you can carry small sanitizers and soap dispensing devices where you can’t access soap and water. The second reason is more important. These sanitizer and soap dispensing devices allow no direct physical contact with the soap material contained in the fluid container. You get the liquid or foam in the right amount on your hand. Most soap dispensers can also stock hand sanitizers.

Therefore, soap dispensers have become an essential part of our life, especially during this pandemic time. You can use these devices in commercial areas, like building entrances and exits, aisles, internal doorways and corridors. Soap dispensers are also used widely in high-traffic washrooms or bathrooms and kitchens. All you need is to select the right kind of soap dispenser for your home or commercial facility.

Difference between Manual and Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers

Manual and automatic foam soap dispensers are the two main categories of foam soap dispensers. You have to decide which one is the better option according to your requirements. The main difference between the two dispensing devices is that an automatic dispenser works through sensors and the manual dispenser is operated manually. It means that the automatic dispensers do not require human contact to work. On the other hand, the manual variant activates by applying pressure. For example, you will have to press a button on the manual dispenser to get the foam. Whereas in an automatic dispenser, you have to keep your hands under the device and the soap will squeeze out after the sensor detects the motion.

If you are running a business, then these manual and automatic foam soap dispensers also build a positive business image. How? When your customers see these dispensers positioned correctly at different areas of your commercial premises, how would they feel? They will get an impression straight away that you take customer well-being and hygiene very seriously. Therefore, whatever kind of soap dispenser you use in your commercial premises will ensure a positive business image.

Whether you are running a small-size coffee shop or an industrial business, it is necessary to use these dispensers. It is not only crucial for the health of your customers, but also your workforce. Now, let us help you decide which type of soap dispenser you should use for your business or home.

1. Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic foam soap dispensers are used widely in the executive restrooms and high-end environments. You can install an automatic soap dispenser in restaurants, airport bars, hotels, etc. Automatic dispensers are best for such areas because they are very economical and look fashionable. These dispensing devices are straightforward to operate, which is an essential requirement in high-traffic areas. All a user requires is to bring his/her hand below the dispenser, and the device will release a pre-measured amount of soap.

One significant reason for the popularity of automatic dispensers is that they are hands-free devices. The fact that a user is not required to touch the dispenser at all, it minimizes the chances of spreading bacteria and germs between uses. Therefore, if you want to ensure maximum workforce and customer safety, you should opt for the automatic soap dispensers.

2. Manual Soap Dispensers

Manual dispensers are usually more affordable than automatic dispensers. These dispensers have an effortless design and found commonly in most high-traffic public areas, including washrooms and other such facilities. Although they are not touch-less devices, they still yield exceptional reliability and functionality in the long-run. One advantage of manual dispensers is that they do not require batteries for activation like its counterpart does. It means that these dispensing devices don’t have any additional costs.

You should buy the manual soap dispensers if you are looking for a budget-friendly hand washing solution for your home or commercial facility. These dispensers operate by pushing the dispenser pedal or button. They are available at comparatively low rates than automatic dispensers and prove exceptionally cost-effective in the long run.

Both manual and automatic dispensers can stock different varieties of soaps, such as foam and liquid. Therefore, you can choose the soap type according to your personal choice. Now, let’s look at the crucial factors to keep in mind while buying a manual or automatic foam soap dispensers.

Essential Factors to Consider, When Buying a Soap Dispenser

Focus on several important factors while purchasing a foam soap dispenser. Here are the key factors that you should never ignore:

1. Durability

When buying these dispensing devices, an essential factor to bear in mind is the product’s durability. Soap dispensers are made from high-end materials like ABS plastic and stainless steel. Ensure that the soap dispenser is made with any of these high-quality materials so they can perform flawlessly in the long-run. If possible, buy a dispenser with features like lockable cover that deters against the tampering and vandalism of content.

2. Capacity

You need to know that soap dispensers are available in several sizes. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are choosing the correct size. If you are buying a manual or automatic foam soap dispensers for high-traffic areas, it will be exposed to regular and repeated use. Therefore, you should purchase large capacity dispensers. Such sites include schools, supermarkets, and stadiums, etc. If it is a low-traffic facility, then you can buy smaller units. Smaller soap dispensers are best for areas, like small cafes, hairdressers, and independent retailers.

3. Cost

The dispenser’s price is another vital factor that helps you decide which soap dispenser you should buy. Automatic dispensers that use battery power or electricity for working are generally more expensive than the manually-operated dispensers. However, they offer a convenient hand washing experience. If your budget is low, you can opt for manual dispensers instead of automatic foam soap dispensers.

Both automatic and manual dispensers are available in different designs and unique advantages. Therefore, you should compare their benefits and specifications to decide which option is better according to your application area.