Elite Sales Team Team Building Records

Fengjie Bathroom Co. , Ltd. held a 2-day collective outdoor team-building activity on  21st Nov. and 22nd Nov. in Huizhou City, Guangdong. The activity took place on east coast of Huidong County, Huizhou City, a beautiful sightseeing spot.


On the morning of 21st Nov. members including general manager and managers of every sales departments all set out from factory in Dongguan City taking a travelling bus, the trip took around 2 hours before people arrived at the destination.

After arriving there and taking off the bus, there were enthusiastic guides to receive us willingly. All of the participants of the activity felt easy and pleasant. Half-an-hour-long rest later, interesting team training program began. People were divided into 4 separate groups at first randomly. Following games and activities would take place in form of team competition based on the 4 teams. The 2-day schedule included creative group brain-storm, physical challenges, endurance tests and team cooperative programs. Each of the joiners would fully express himself, and the aim of this team-building was to enhance cooperations among different teams and individuals and cultivate stronger team spirits.


On the afternoon of the first day. Lecturers of the activity firstly organized a joyful team game -Drum Ball. Rules of that game were: 1) Team members work together to bat a ball with a drum which is fastened to 10 cords, participants need to hold the cords to control drum moves. 2) They have to make sure the ball won’t fall to the ground, otherwise they have to restart the game and count how many times they successfully bat the ball. 3) Within 2 minutes, times of successful batting will decide on final victory.  


The game produced laughter and smile. During the competition, four teams paid full attention, it got ideal effect and good feedback from us. The drum used in the game is traditional type of musical instruments, through perfect combination of tradtional and modern Chinese cultural element got foucs as well.


Following that game, there were 3 consecutive games. They respectively tested cooperation and understanding among new teams. People had to cooperate deeply to reach their common goal. Everyone tried their best to serve their team.


We had a special and meaningful night on the day. Every two people formed a small unit. One was wearing a mask on the eyes, another played a role of his/her guide to take him/her go through long road, in which there were barriers, stumbling stones and thorns. Deep mutual trust and team spirit were reflected on this game. Members shared happy tears and touching words after the game.


On the second day’s morning, we tried a challenge which was totally new to every member. It was a huge breakthrough in bravery and confidence. Everyone needs to climb up to a 8-meter -high metal ladder (under protection of professional staffs and equipment) and jump for a handle which is 1.2 meters away from himself/herself. Many felt terror before successful landing, many hesitated to jump after getting top of the ladder, some even shrieked because of fear.


After all participants tried successfully and overcome their psychological fears, there were laughter and joy. We reviewed our feelings we had felt when we had been on the high spot, we exchanged our new ideas about the challenge after doing it, we went through complex and totally different emotions. We trusted our partners and believed in team spirit, so we dared to jump out, our partners were controlling protecting cords for us, they were with us close.


The meaningful 2 days went quickly, each of us think the 2 days are an important stage during our life. Through it, we learnt what real team spirit is. Our company provides each of us a powerful platform to achieve our personal values, shall we try our best to contribute to its furthur development ?

Just take practical actions to repay it !