Best Soap Dispenser: 5 Must Precautions to take while Hand Sanitizing

You can use best soap dispenser to void getting sick or spreading the bacteria to others. However, it has got one condition. It is that the alcohol concentration in the hand dispenser must be at least 60% alcohol.


 Best Soap Dispenser

Things to know about best hand dispenser

The specialist recommends washing hands with soap and water whenever possible.

  1. Hence, this will reduce all bacteria and dirt on hands.
  2. But if soap and water are not available, you can also use an antiseptic hand dispenser
  3. It must be having at least 60% alcohol to avoid getting sick or spreading germs to others.
  4. Moreover, the alcohol concentration in hand dispenser can reduce the number of bacteria
  5. However, this percentage cannot eliminate all pathogens.

Soap and water are considered more effective than all hand dispensers at killing certain viruses, such as Cryptosporidium, norovirus, and Clostridium difficile. Alcohol-based medical dispensers can neutralize many types of bacteria when common correctly. These work as best soap dispenser

Conditions in which soap dispenser does not work

Hand dispenser will also not work if

  1. Your hands are dirty
  2. Your hands or material on which you are using it is greasy

Many studies show that hand dispensers work well in clinical settings such as hospitals, where hands are exposed to germs but are not greasy. Some data also shows that hand dispensers can be highly effective against some pathogens if hands are not too dirty.

However, your hands are very susceptible to becoming greasy or dirty when living in the community, such as after contact with food, playing sports, gardening, or going camping or fishing. When hands are heavily greasy and organic dirt, best soap dispenser doesn’t work well. Furthermore, use soap and water in these cases.

Harmful chemicals and dispenser

Some studies show that hand dispenser doesn't seem to be able to inactivate many harmful chemicals. There are even cases where the use of hand dispenser increases the level of toxic chemicals in body. If you have touched harmful chemicals with your hands, wash your hands carefully with soap and clean water.

If soap and water are not available, use a hand dispenser that contains at least 60% alcohol. Many studies have found that alcohol concentrations in hand dispensers at about 60-95% will be more effective at killing viruses than those with low alcohol concentrations or alcohol-free best soap dispenser

Insights on soap dispensers

The steps to properly use hand dispenser are quite simple. According to the EXPERTS, people need to apply disinfectant evenly over the entire surface of their hands to be most effective.

  1. Alcohol concentration < 60-95 degrees reduces growth of bacteria, but cannot destroy them.
  2. Put the dispenser soap in the palm of your hand and rub it until completely dry.

Ethanol and its harmful impacts

The alcohol content of Ethyl (ethanol) hand dispenser is only safe when common as directed, but if a person swallows a few sips of hand dispenser there is a risk of poisoning. Children are very easy to swallow hand dispensers with fragrances, attractive colors or in beautiful packaging.

 So antiseptic medical washing hands (best soap dispenser) should be placed out of reach of young children. Moreover, it is needed to be made sure that babies only use it under the supervision of adults. It would help in keeping the hazards possibly lower.

Instructions for preparing hand dispenser according to WHO


The alcohol concentration in hand dispensers prepared according to the World Health Organization (WHO) formula is 80%. This is the standard ratio, sufficient for disinfection, based on research evidence according to the EN1500 standard.

Materials for 270ml hand dispenser include:

  1. Generally, 240ml Ethanol 90 degrees (4 bottles of 60ml)
  2. 12ml 3% hydrogen peroxide
  3. Similarly, 4ml glycerin (Has a moisturizing effect because after disinfecting hands will be very dry. Can be replaced with aloe vera gel or honey with the above content)
  4. 14ml distilled / cooled boiled water
  5. Dispensing hand dispenser solution should be according to the prescribed ratio


  1. For making best soap dispenser follow the steps below
  2. In addition, pour all the ingredients in the order above into a dedicated mixing glass
  3. Stir well and pour the mixture into a clean bottle
  4. Close the spray cap or press (if applicable) and shake well
  5. Labeling information on the bottle includes:
  • Name of the mixture (sanitizing hand dispenser)
  • Furthermore, notes (keep out of reach of children, avoid heat sources)
  • Date of preparation and expiry date (about 6 months)

Efficiency and safety when preparing soap for dispenser

Follow the steps below for ensuring the efficiency in use for best soap dispenser.

  1. First, follow the correct alcohol concentration in hand dispenser and other ingredients.
  2. Moreover, alcohol percentage too low will not promote good effect, high concentration volatile, dry skin
  3. Similarly, Do not arbitrarily change or add or remove ingredients without knowledge of preparation
  4. In addition, Wait 72 hours after preparation to start using so that bacteria (if any) in solution are destroyed
  5. Dispensing in a cool place, avoid heat and static electricity because it will catch fire and explode
  6. Work quickly and cover immediately after finishing to avoid evaporation and reduce the alcohol content.
  7. Moreover, Prevent corona
  8. Lastly, Proper hand washing helps to prevent diseases

How to prevent virus spread?

Making your own best soap dispenser at home is very suitable in the current situation of scarcity, or it is difficult to find a product that ensures the correct alcohol concentration in the hand dispenser solution is 60-95%. However, it is important to remember that washing hands with clean water and soap is still the most important step to prevent the virus, as well as protect yourself and those around you.
Best Soap Dispenser

What practices do home disinfection include

  1. For individuals: disinfect hands, disinfect clothes if someone is infected, baby's toys
  2. For the whole family: disinfect tools and household items, clean the floor with antiseptic solutions and other necessary locations.
  3. Disinfect children's toys
  4. Disinfect baby's toys

What practices does personal disinfection include?

Best soap dispenser can be with hand soap or alcohol-based quick hand dispenser. Hands should be washed with soap for at least 20 seconds under running water, several times a day. In the case of going to places where there are no conditions to wash hands, use an alcohol-based quick hand dispenser, also known as a dry hand dispenser instead.