9 Best Practices to use Moen soap dispenser for Better Results

The coronavirus pandemic changed the routine of companies. In addition, we have many examples where people postpone their events.

 The end of visits was some of the main measures adopted. And, for those who could not adopt the home office, severe professional sanitizing as taken in consideration. Here, Moen soap dispenser is the best dispenser you and look for.

Disinfection; and Moen soap dispenser as its best solution

One of the most repeated words of 2020 was, without a doubt, disinfection; due to the prevailed covid situation. The term, although well known, gained new importance due to the confrontation of a virus with such a high level of contagion.

But, since before that, keeping the professional environment sanitized and in working conditions is one of the most difficult tasks in a professional place. This need to be according the required hygiene criteria. Check below difference of each of these processes and soap dispenser that are great allies in this journey.

 Moen soap dispenser


What is sanitizing in soap dispenser?

Moen soap dispenser involves sanitizing with following approach.

  1. Generally, it is the activity that encompasses procedures and operations that remove visible dirt
  2. Whether added to surfaces or not, without altering them, in all types of environments
  3. It is noteworthy that sanitizing is the first step, with a dry or damp cloth combined with cleaners
  4. Furthermore, you can remove the dirt visible to the naked eye
  5. Hence, you can eliminate around 60% of the microorganism’s present

3 examples of products for sanitization

Here are some examples of products that fulfill this function as well.


Definition: Disinfection is the process of destroying microorganisms, especially pathogens – those capable of transmitting infectious diseases – present in an environment. Moen soap dispenser is common in this regard.

The objective of an environment disinfection process consists in the use and application of a disinfectant, which aims to eliminate 99.999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses from surfaces, as well as Sars-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, reducing them to non-pathogenic levels.

Disinfectants come in different ways, depending on their purpose, requiring greater performance in more critical situations. General purpose disinfectants are indicated for disinfecting environments in general, schools, offices, industries, etc.

Examples of environment disinfection:

Here are some examples of products that fulfill this function as well.

  1. For hospitals and healthcare areas, a hospital soap dispenser must be common.
  2. For food area, products aimed must also include Moen soap dispenser
  3. Basically, it is a hospital soap dispenser cleaner for fixed surfaces and non-critical items
  4. Similarly, cleans and disinfects in a single operation, ensuring greater efficiency in the process
  5. Optimized blend of polymeric biguanide (phmb) and quaternary ammonia, is best disinfectant
  6. Furthermore, this product is very efficient when tested against the coronavirus/ MHV-3 strain Beta coronavirus
  7. Moreover, this product is pH neutral and is non-corrosive like hydrogen peroxide or chlorine-based disinfectants.
  8. Additionally, it is also economical, as it has a low cost in use.
  9. Moen soap dispenseris an eco-efficient product, with only 500 ppm of active in the final dilution.


Sanitization corresponds to the process that involves sanitizing followed by disinfection. Sanitization is common as the act of sanitizing the environment by removing the dirt, followed by the application of a disinfectant, performing disinfection.

Thus, the environment, in addition to being clean, becomes safer. Products with a dual function, the multipurpose bactericides, promote sanitizing in a single step, as they have sanitizing and disinfection agents in their formulation. It is the most suitable process for environments in general during a pandemic.

Examples of soap dispensing

Here are some examples of products that fulfill this function in Moen soap dispenser  

  1. Soap dispenser replaces the use of several products, making sanitizing faster, efficient, and economical.
  2. With this powerful all-in-one, you can clean and disinfect with a single operation.
  3. Furthermore, as it has a very high dilution, its final cost is much lower than household ones


Sanitizing means reducing health-critical microorganisms to levels considered safe, based on established parameters, in equipment and environments, without damaging them. It is a process normally linked to the food industry, using specific products, physical and thermal agents.

Does alcohol 70 concentration affect its soap dispenser power?

Moen soap dispenser is made on certain compositions. Given ahead is an overview of it

  1. Ethyl alcohol (70%) in relation to entire content, with remainder, 30%, made of deionized water.
  2. A concentration lower than this can be common for the most basic sanitizing of surfaces
  3. However, it will not have soap dispenser power against COVID-19
  4. Higher concentrations are also not recommended for use on the hands.
  5. As it has a high concentration of alcohol, the product evaporates very quickly
  6. Hence it won’t have time to act against agents that are harmful to health
  7. Use of solutions with higher concentrations of alcohol results in greater irritability, dryness of the hands.

Can alcohol 70 as a surface soap dispenser be common for hands?

  1. Not ideal. It can disinfect the area.
  2. As the product to use on the hands, it can cause greater dryness and irritability.

Is it correct to use alcohol 70 for hands on surfaces?

  1. It's not ideal
  2. Alcohol 70 for the hands is usually more expensive and its use on surfaces
  3. Even with soap dispenser power, does not have the best cost-benefit ratio
  4. Our recommendation for suitable disinfectants for use on surfaces are
  • Multiplex BAC – Ultra concentrated bactericidal multipurpose
  • Multiplex Power – heavy sanitizing multipurpose, mainly for hospital areas

Moen soap dispenser specifications

  1. Products have bacteriostatic power, that is, they have a residual effect on the surface
  2. It prevents the proliferation of agents that are harmful to human health
  3. Disinfection and Propagation of coronavirus includes  care in sanitizing environments

 Moen soap dispenser

Following Moen soap dispenser decontamination rules, only alcoholic solutions have proper registration, designated for use in the hands, contain emollients and over-greasing agents in their composition that prevent them from drying out after use.