Advantages of Automatic Soap Dispenser in Public Bathrooms

Importance of Soap Dispenser Automatic

During the current global pandemic, our main focus is on keeping a safe and healthy environment for everyone, that is germs-free. The most common way of germs transmission is by hands, hands are that part of our bodies that is used the most and gets dirty the most. Dirty hands contaminate everything they touch, including the soap dispensers that we use in our everyday life to clean those very hands.

When someone touches the nozzle of the soap dispenser, their germs get on that nozzle of the dispenser and when the next person touches it, that person gets cross-contaminated. Some people don’t take care about their hygiene, so this can become a very big issue in public bathrooms as many and different types of people use public bathrooms and you need to avoid contact with their germs. A very effective solution for this would be to use automatic liquid soap dispensers in public bathrooms.

What are Automatic liquid soap dispenser?

Automatic liquid soap dispensers are a great item to be installed in public bathrooms as they allow a contact free washing of hands and prevents cross-contamination. With the advancement in the technology and the growing pandemic, automatic soap dispensers have become quite common in public places like restaurants, malls, offices, colleges and many more like these.

 Automatic soap dispensers use the technology of motion sensing, so all you have to do is slide your hands under the dispenser nozzle and the motion sensors in them will detect your hands’ motion which will then cause the soap to be dispensed. The automatic soap dispenser will keep the bathrooms neat and clean, providing a healthy and touch free environment, moreover; they give the bathroom a more modern look with their advanced technology.

There are many different styles and types of soap dispensers available, they can either be mounted on the wall, or installed as faucet spouts fixed to the sink or they can also come in small portable sizes as well. They are manufactured by many companies today and they come in many different price ranges. These automatic soap dispensers contain liquid soap and they dispense a fix amount of soap. Below are the many advantages of having automatic soap dispensers in public bathrooms.


The most important advantage of automatic liquid soap dispenser that should be highlighted is that they improve sanitation. Our main focus right now is of maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for us and with this sensor technology, a touch-free sanitation is allowed which decreases the chance of cross-contaminations.

 This is very important as many hundreds of variety of people use public bathrooms every day, meaning a very high risk of germs transmission. In order to avoid that, automatic liquid soap dispensers are the best option in the current pandemic.

Less wastage

Do you know how much soap you need to use in order to wash your hands properly? Many times when people use the normal soap dispenser, the problem that arises is that they either take too little or too much. In both cases, it’s you who are at a disadvantage, if the soap is too little, your hands are not cleaned properly and if the soap is too much, it means you are wasting a lot of the liquid soap. By using an automatic liquid soap dispenser, a fixed amount of liquid soap that is just the right amount that you need for cleaning your hands is dispensed, thus reducing the wastage of liquid soap, making them much more economical.

Easy maintenance

With soap bars, after every use it leaves a residue which many people don’t like especially when using public bathrooms, and with regular soap dispensers there is always an issue of leakage which causes not just wastage of the liquid soap but it also makes the bathrooms dirty requiring more investment in cleaning the bathroom and you will also need to refill the dispenser more often.

However, with automatic liquid soap dispensers, as mentioned above, only a fixed amount is dispensed and no leakage issue is present, so you don’t need to invest a lot in cleaning and you can focus on other things. You will also not have to refill it as often, saving your time and making it more cost efficient. A fixed amount being dispensed also brings you with another advantage, you won’t have to worry about people miss-using the public bathrooms’ resources, i.e. the liquid soap.

Versatile and stylish

An automatic soap dispenser is not restricted to only dispense liquid soaps, it can dispense almost all types of liquids so you can fill it with hand sanitizers, lotions, liquid facewashes, face or hand creams, and not just that, they can also be used out of the bathrooms, in the kitchen for dispensing dishwasher or for the laundry to dispense detergents.

All this makes an automatic soap dispenser such a versatile item, it is the best choice you can make at a time like this where everyone is stressed over covid-19, as everyone would want a contact-free environment.

Lastly, the automatic soap dispenser has such a sleek and stylish body, it only adds to the luxury of the bathroom, who wouldn’t like advanced technology in their everyday lives, especially if it gives you safety from the germs. Additionally, it gives your bathroom a neater and minimalist appearance with its stunning looks. Automatic soap dispenser has so many benefits, you cannot go wrong with it, it’s all worth the price.


Automatic soap dispensers are crucial to have in public bathrooms during this current pandemic. At a time like this we need to make sure to have as much contact free applications as possible, especially in the public bathrooms where germs are more likely to be present in abundance and there is higher chance of cross-transmission of germs, because of many and different types of people using it every day.

This application will prevent the number of surfaces people come in contact with which will greatly reduce the transmission of germs. But that’s not all, as you read above, it’s a complete package of benefits for you!