7 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers: Pros and Cons

Highlight the design of your bathroom with a stylish accessory

 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

How to keep liquid soap or antiseptic always close at hand and at the same time highlight the design of the bathroom with a stylish accessory? Only one solution is using the best automatic soap dispenser as your regular.

Further, is there a way to keep your hands clean in the office while avoiding unnecessary contact with surfaces? Is it possible to interest a child with a funny gadget and make the washing process more fun?

Well! We are trying to answer all these questions. Yes! you are right, we are talking about electronic dispensers for liquid soap.

Do best automatic soap dispensers are good against germs?

In fact, the topic of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences is still hot and widely discussed. Experts from the World Health Organization insist that it is too early to relax and the risk of infection is still quite high.

Everyone knows the basic precautions:

  • if possible, avoid public places,
  • use a protective mask and antiseptic,
  • and wash your hands often and thoroughly.

So, make use of a best automatic soap dispenser as it is a safer way to keep you and your family hygiene.

Let’s start discussing briefly about the choice!

What is an automatic soap dispenser?

So, a dispenser, a dispenser is a device that allows you to quickly get something in a certain amount. They are easy to use in a variety of ways, from paper towels to custom toilet seat covers.

Devices may differ in material, design, color. Feed control is usually mechanical, by pressing a button or lever, or touch. For testing we have selected several of the most popular liquid soap dispensers.

We try to compare and understand together with their pros and cons.

Top class automatic soap dispensers with pros and cons

Let's start with OXY Foam Prime!

It is known that OXY Foam does not produce anything themselves, preferring to pay for technology and sell under its own brand. The device comes by their order, the company-developer and manufacturer is Simple way, on the market since 2018.

OXY Foam Prime Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Virtually, it is a best automatic soap dispenser in the market these days. The design is stylish and modern, but at the same time quite minimalistic. Of the controls, there is the only touch-sensitive button that turns the device on or off.

The opaque translucent container contains 320 milliliters of soap. You cannot refuel at the plant, but you can, if you really want to. The dosage of one press is 0.8 ml of the product.

Everything is packed neatly, in the best traditions of OXY Foam, in white matte polyethylene.

OXY Foam Prime Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

A little later, in parallel with the work commissioned by OXY Foam, Simple way launched the production of devices under its own trademark. In fact, OXY Foam is increasingly designing the best automatic soap dispensers.

In general, the design has remained the same. Moreover, the design of the container for soap has changed slightly. Therefore, the volume has become a little less - 300 milliliters. We also managed to reduce the number of required batteries to three.

Mr. Penguin / 400ml Dispenser

The Mr. Penguin brand soap dispenser is wall-mounted, does not take up space and decorates the room. Moreover, the model of this best automatic soap dispenser is made of durable plastic with resistance to various kinds of damage. 

 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers 2021

36x OXY Foam Classic 03036.W

The soap dispenser 36x OXY Foam is perfect for use in places where a lot of people pass in a short time. The body of the model is made of ABS plastic in white colors.

Basically, it is also one of the best automatic soap dispensers. The model comes with a viewing window and is wall-mounted. 

The device is lockable with a key, which is convenient for installation in public places. The amount of the dosed solution is 1 ml.

  • The presence of a window to control the level of soap in the device;
  • the kit includes a mounting kit and a universal key;
  • solid tank volume (1000 ml).
  • no protection against fingerprints on the case.
Neoclima DP-380

The model is made of impact-resistant plastic, has a small volume and a stylish case. Wall-mounted and has a mechanical button at the bottom of the case, which is responsible for dispensing detergent. 

This best automatic soap dispenser is locked with a key, which makes it indispensable in bathrooms in cafes or canteens.  

  • the device locks with a key;
  • the piston comes of chrome-plated brass;
  • You can monitor the amount of funds in the device through the viewing window.
36x OXY Foam 500

The built-in dispenser from the best manufacturer 36x OXY Foam 500 comes in a sink or countertop. The body of the model is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish. Additionally, the tank is easy to remove for filling with soap. The stylish and elegant fixture will decorate both the bathroom in the house and the washbasin in a public place.

  • durable and robust model - the body and all parts come of stainless steel;
  • thisbest automatic soap dispenser is suitable for rooms with high traffic;
  • The model is built into the sink or countertop.
  • Small volume (500 ml).
The NeoClima sensor device

The NeoClima sensor device comes for wall mounting. It has a semicircular shape and a stylish white and black plastic case with increased shockproof properties. The soap solution is simply poured into the tank. 

Soap dispensing control is a sensor device at a distance of up to 10 cm. The operation of the device has support of four batteries. The normal drop volume is 0.8 to 1.5 ml.

  • stylish design;
  • using a sensor to get a drop of soapy water.
  • It doesn’t include battery in the package.


Hence, go and purchase your best automatic soap dispenser for keeping your family safe from dangerous germs. (COVID-19)

They have nice designs that kids will rush to use them to fight their curiosity against these amazing devices.