Why should very medical personnel use glass foaming soap dispenser?

In medicine, hand hygiene of personnel is given significant attention, because not only the health of the personnel, but also the patients, depends on the quality of hand hygiene. Glass foaming soap dispenser is the best choice in this matter.

 glass foaming soap dispenser

Some guidelines for healthcare hygiene

It is critical to ensure best and up to mark hand hygiene in hospitals. Hence soap dispensers are common there.

  1. Surgeons must especially carefully follow the rules for handling hands.
  2. The lives of patients depend on the cleanliness of their hands.
  3. The sanitary norms and rules specify clear regulations for the hygienic treatment of the hands

In addition, the instructions for the use of any disinfectant as a skin foaming soap indicate all methods of hand treatment from hygienic for junior medical personnel to the hands of surgeons, operating nurses, midwives.

How to properly hygienic treatment of hands of medical personnel?

  1. Hand hygienic treatment is carried out once in hospitals
  2. Also, It is done using by applying a disinfectant in the form of a skin foaming soap
  3. Moreover, this amount for soap dispenser is according to the instructions for use.
  4. The treatment of the hands of surgeons and operating personnel is not common hygienic in general.
  5. Treatment of the hands of surgeons and operating personnel with modern disinfectants
  6. And before this treatment, the surgeon should thoroughly wash his hands with liquid soap.

For them it is more appropriate to use glass foaming soap dispenser for ensuring the best hand hygiene.

How often should the hand hygiene of medical personnel be carried out?


The frequency of treatment of the skin of the hands of medical personnel depends on many factors.

  1. First, on the duration of the skin foaming soap.
  2. All modern disinfectants in the form of skin foaming soaps have a prolonged effect from 3 hours or more.
  3. Next factor determines the frequency of hygienic treatment of the hands of medical personnel
  4. It works by knowing the intensity of interaction of the hands of medical worker with infected surfaces.
  5. Furthermore, the objects could either be a person or thing

 Glass foaming dispenser use after gloves replacement

Recently, medical professionals are increasingly using disposable gloves for many procedures. When changing such gloves after each patient or manipulation. It is also necessary to hygienically treat the hands.

This is because; by removing the gloves the medical worker touches the working side of the glove with an unprotected hand and exposes himself to potential danger. These are using . Glass foaming soap dispenser for cleaning their hands effectively.

How to carry out hand hygiene of medical personnel?

Hand hygiene of medical personnel can be carried out with disinfectants in the form of skin foaming soaps in the form of a gel, liquid, or soap. The composition of such disinfectants can be either with or without alcohol.

The gentlest on the effect on human hands are disinfectants without alcohol in the form of liquid or liquid soap. However, when using disinfectants in the form of liquid soap, a water source and a drain are required, which may not always be convenient.

If, nevertheless, there is an order from the higher management to use only skin foaming soaps with an alcohol content of at least 70% for hand hygiene of medical personnel. Then such foaming soaps in the form of a gel should be common, since there are many functional additives in the gel that reduce the negative effects of alcohol on the surface of the skin of the hands.

Preserving the properties of a skin foaming soap

Glass foaming soap dispenser works based on following aspects:

  1. The composition of modern disinfecting skin foaming soaps is very diverse, and the shelf life of the skin foaming soap depends on the composition.
  2. The most common are skin foaming soaps based on alcohols, but alcohols also disappear the fastest.
  3. So, manufacturers add various functional additives to skin foaming soaps.
  4. These additives   allow stabilizing chemical elements of different groups and prolong their action.
  5. More importantly manufacturer's high-quality sealed packaging.


List of the best proven skin foaming soaps

These are highly recommended soaps for glass foaming soap dispenser

  1. Contisept-forte (70% alcohol)
  2. Oxylocept (alcohol free)
  3. Contisept (50% alcohol)
  4. Isopesept (70% alcohol)

What happens if you use expired foaming soaps?

It can't end well if you are using expired foaming soaps. The foaming soap ceases to fulfill its main function - to destroy viruses and bacteria from the surface of the skin. For this reason alone, the use of an expired foaming soap is meaningless.

The components that make up the skin foaming soap over time begin to decompose and turn into chemical compounds that can cause allergic reactions, irritation and chemical burns of the skin when applied.

What effect can expire foaming soaps have on a person, children, food, objects?

There are chances that the soap you are using for glass foaming soap dispenser
is not safe and is not hygienic. The effect of expired foaming soaps when common by people can be from neutral - at best nothing will happen, to negative.

  1. The consequences will be sad (allergies, irritations, burns, poisoning).
  2. It depends on many factors and to a greater extent on the composition of the skin foaming soap.
  3. Also, the foaming soap can be exhausted, the chemical components neutralize.
  4. More importantly, liquid will be close to water in its action to microorganisms.
  5. That is, it will not have any harmful effect either on humans or on viruses and bacteria.

    glass foaming soap dispenser

How to dispose of expired disinfectant skin foaming soaps?

In everyday life, people simply throw several packages of expired foaming soap in the trash and forget about it. But for trading organizations and manufacturing enterprises, everything is much more complicated.

Especially when many companies have purchased or produced huge quantities of skin foaming soaps (common in glass foaming soap dispenser) and could not realize them on time. They are faced with an acute question of what to do with all these products, which have expired.