What to Choose Simplehuman soap dispenser or Fengjie Soap Dispenser


Simplehuman soap dispenser and Fengjie soap dispenser becomes integral, for daily applications, like bathroom or kitchen, where there is a regular practice of cleaning and washing involves. 2019 and the year now going on brought to us a lot that we haven’t even thought of. The major event amongst all is the rise of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic teaches us a lot about our collective neglect against personal safety and hygiene amidst the global production race. This, therefore, calls for individual safety and hygiene hence an integral global concern. By this matter, the world now witnesses the rise in production as well as the demand for soap dispensers. Therefore, a Fengjie and simplehuman soap dispenser help in curbing such an infectious pandemic at greater length.

This is because the method eliminates even the minimum human touch which ultimately is responsible for the contagion nature. Especially, for the kitchen applications, where there involve regular meat, vegetable, or poultry cleaning processes. However, between Fengjie or Simplehuman, here is a comparison of which one is best to buy.

Fengjie Custom OEM Touchless Soap Dispenser (F-1406-S-D)

The first product that comes in the list as a comparison between the simplehuman soap dispenser and the Fengjie is the custom OEM touchless soap dispenser that offers a variety of dispensing solutions including soap, foam, and sanitizer.

This facility is available with three different pumps. The device furthermore, offers a huge capacity of 1200ml or refillable bottle. Similarly, as an option in place of a bottle, there is an option of a disposable bag that offers 1000ml of soap solution. The product thereby offers a window design with a secure locking system. The running capacity of the product carries a DC voltage mechanism with 6V and 1A.

However, with the standard packing, the option of included DC batteries is not available. The batteries thus comprise type C, R14 system. It uses four such batteries at a time with the capacity of 30,000 attempts as an average lifetime. The LED lights are available in the device that shows the low power of the dispenser. However, the light indication also depicts the possible leakage or any malfunction in the dispenser. The leading applications of the custom OEM dispenser are public places. This thereby includes hotels, restaurants, metros, hospitals, airports, etc. The wide use hence is the because of its touchless automatic system and apparent safety. The touchless mechanism prohibits contagion infections.

Fengjie OEM Refillable Touchless Soap Dispenser with Tray (F-1406-S-T)                

The second most widely used and favorite item, if we compare it with simplehuman soap dispenser is the automatic soap dispenser by Fengjie. This dispenser hence is a custom refillable soap dispenser with a tray. This device thereby is an automatic soap dispenser that comprises a high-quality ABS plastic material. Just like its predecessor, it offers a high storage capacity of 1200ml soap solution. For this large capacity, therefore the product hence is famous for public areas and vicinities like airports, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

The soap dispenser is available in universal white and black colors. Just like the previous one, it offers a multi-solution for foam, gel, soap, and sanitizer. Due to its high capacity, however, with an ABS material the device only weighs 1.08kgs. It also thereby uses 4 adapters or C-type Batteries. The batteries carry the power of 6 volts or 1A. With the increase in its value and importance, the company does offer an official warranty of 1 year.

Simplehuman 8-ounce Liquid Touchless Soap Dispenser

This 8-ounce liquid simplehuman soap dispenser is a promising product for the customer of especially the household activities as kitchen or bathrooms. Therefore, amidst the custom routine of cleaning in the kitchen which thereby related meat, chicken, poultry, or other vegetable stuff, this product brings fruitful results. The reason behind its familiarity as well as popularity is its availability in a wide range of colors. Furthermore, the overall finish of the product also attracts customers. The color range thus includes white, black, nickel, rose gold, gold, and brass. The basic working principle is that it gives out more amount of liquid soap if we place our hand far from the point of ejection.

However, on the other hand, if we place our hand closer to the nozzle, it will give out less in amount. By this, it means that both the parents as well as the children can get benefit from it without wasting the soap solutions. The device additionally resists the formation of any kind of clogs in the nozzles. However, the customers should avoid using any exfoliating material near it.

Simplehuman 1045 Rechargeable Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

For those customers who are now tired of replacing the batteries of their soap dispenser on regular basis, this simplehuman soap dispenser is the best option. This is because the simplehuman now also manufactures the rechargeable plug-in automatic soap dispenser models as well. These soap dispensers hence work the same way as all our other plug-in devices do.

Similarly, the rechargeable function of the product is also very effective in all conditions. This is because these products equip the latest IPS safety option that makes them resistant to water. This feature thus makes the product a durable and reliable entity for long-lasting use. Therefore, you can think of this product as completely safe around the water all day and night. Furthermore, the product offers a two-year-long replacement warranty where even upon a single hassle, the company will replace it with the newer one.

Furthermore, the design of the product is very much sleek in looks and appearances. The functionality now is all concerned with the distance at which we place our hands for washing. For every single attempt, the user gets the same amount of liquid soap according to the respective distance of hands. Additionally, there is now no chance of spill, leakage, or dripping that usually makes the mess around.

Why Fengjie Soap Dispenser Is Better Than Simple Human?

With the recent rise in the global corona pandemic, the need and requirement for every individual to maintain its hygiene become more pertinent. By this, it means that the traditional practice of handwashing is integral to human safety.

Furthermore, the same handwashing practice becomes safer and more upgraded. To fight against any contagion, bad bugs, the touchless or automatic fengje soap dispenser becomes the crucial weapon of destruction.

On the other hand, lies the bar soaps for washing hands. However, there exist certain problems. The foremost issue is that to wash hands one needs to touch or approach the bar soap by using hands. The hands eventually become the primary source of catching germs and pathogens. The second problem of concern is that the large amount of bar soap that we use daily, leaves out immense plastic waste.

The waste is much large than that of what is necessary. We nowadays are seeing a large number of automatic soap dispensers, however, the fengjie soap dispenser is the best solution. This is because many other products or brands produce these products. However, these products are largely beneficial for large commercial and outdoor heavy-duty applications. Simplehuman on the other hand is the best solution for household applications and personal usage.

Downsides of Using the Simplehuman Soap Dispensers

There are no such hi-fi downsides that make this product fails to compete in the growing market. However, with every detail in hands, there is only one downside issue associated with the product i.e., its high cost.

The simplehuman products as soap dispensers are not cheap for everyone to get access to. There nevertheless is the reason for that. This is because there is a lot of tech material available in this package. Take simplehuman dispensers as Apple products. Imagine if Apple starts making home appliances, the price range would be similar to that simplehuman.