Touch-less Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Suitable for Homes




An automatic hand soap dispenser is an intelligent device that hands out a controlled amount of sanitizer. It is often used in public restrooms since they conserve sanitizer and stem from diseases and germs. 

It has a touch-less function which makes people more confident and satisfied with the entire sanitization process.  These automatic hand soap dispensers have infrared sensors that detect infrared energy emitted by a human body.

Hence, when someone places their hands within the vicinity of these sensors, the infrared energy quickly fluctuates. This fluctuation triggers the pump installed inside the automatic hand soap dispenser and dispenses the designated amount of soap.

If you are someone who constantly faces trouble pouring soaps or has children who always end up spilling it everywhere, it is high time you get yourself an automatic hand soap dispenser. 

So without further ado, let’s go through the list of the top products of Fengjie that we have narrowed down for you.

·         Automatic Touch-less Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser Floor Stand with Tray:

Starting off this post, here is the first product of Fengjie that we shall look at.

The Automatic Touch-Less Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser Floor Stand with Tray is designed with a lockable window design and has a net weight of 4.3kg. It comes in a beautiful white color with its installation on the floor.

It is powered by a Type C battery with a 6V 1A adapter. Not only that, but it has a magnificent capacity that is 1000ml. Made in China, it has a year's warranty and is created with ABS and metal materials.

automatic hand soap dispenser

This product of Fengjie is suitable for three different types of liquids; soap, foam, and sanitizers which means that you'll have no problem storing any liquid of your desire. Now isn't that convenient?

That’s not all; this soap dispenser also shows a light indicator for low power.  The light also hints if something is under the dispenser through the sensor to ensure that it stops working to prevent leakage.


·         ABS Material Auto Touch-Free Hand Foam Spray Liquid Automatic Soap Dispenser:

Next up, we have this terrific product of Fengjie, which also comes in a pretty white.

The ABS material auto touch-free hand foam spray liquid automatic soap dispenser has a refillable bottle of up to 1000ml. Its net weight is 850G making it a lighter option in terms of weight.

It is formed with the material ABS- which is famous for its low-cost production and the excellent balance of heat, chemical, dimensional stability, sturdiness, and electrical characteristics. This material has a higher has a longer lifespan, making it perfect as a soap dispenser.

This product has its installation as wall-mounted, making it a perfect choice to be equipped in a household, especially if your kids have a habit of touching everything that comes their way.  Because users don't need to connect the machine, and liquid will flow automatically when the infrared sensor works.

Now won’t have to worry about that soap or sanitizer dripping all over. Learn more about this product and others at Fengjie’s website and pick your choice today!


·         1000Ml Automatic Modern Floor Free Standing Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser.

Now, we shall be over-viewing the third product by Fengjie that is adored because of its premium quality.

The 1000Ml automatic modern floor free standing touch-less liquid soap dispenser has a net weight of 5.4KGs. It comes in two of the classiest colors- black and white. Its installation is floor standing. Apart from that, Fengjie offers online technical support after installation.

With the guarantee of a year, you also get to decide which nozzle you would prefer with your automatic hand soap dispenser, be it spray, liquid or foam. You can either have the soap dispenser's refillable bottle (1200ml) or a disposable bag (1000ml) as you get to choose one from both options.

Lastly, this automatic soap dispenser has an adjustable height that ranges from 0.7m to 1.2m, i.e., it extends from the sensor to the floor.


·         Stand Electric Foam Touch-less Automatic Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

Finally, we will go through the final Fengjie product from the list we have limited for you.

The Stand Electric Foam Touch-Less Automatic Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser fits three types and comes with three distinctive pumps for options. You can choose one, and that will come for free. Isn't that amazing?

Consequently, this soap dispenser gives a lockable window style and battery support of DC (6V, 1A). Batteries (4pcs Type C, R14) can be used more than 30,000 times. Don’t forget to browse this perfect automatic hand soap dispenser and get yourself one now! Visit Fengjie’s website for more content!  

The refillable bottle of this automatic dispenser consists of 1000ml and a disposable bag that is 800ml. As mentioned before, you can pick either one that fits your soap dispensers' standards better.

The total net weight measures up to 4.3Kgs and has an installation on the floor. Not only will the soap dispenser look elegant, but it will also be handy to use. Along with the rest of the dispensers quoted in this post, this is also made of metal and ABS material.

Don't hesitate to buy from Fengjie as their products, especially the automatic hand soap dispensers from their bathroom collection, are a must to buy.


That's the end of this post. Hopefully, you could select an automatic soap dispenser, and if not, don't worry. Give it time as you'll be spending your hard-earned money on these. You don't want to regret it.

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