The Annual Firefighting Maneuver

On 24th August, in Dongguan Fengjie Bathroom Co., Ltd, an annual firefighting maneuver was held. More than 200 workers in the factory took part in that maneuver.

All the staffs got professional training in firefighting skills - use of fire extinguisher, ways to protect themselves when a fire breaks out abruptly and how to avoid possible fire disaster.


 Every member of the staffs used fire extinguisher to put out fire in turn. People showed active attitude towards that maneuver. The maneuver got good feedback and took an ideal effect.


Dongguan Fengjie Bathroom Co., Ltd.takes human rights and staffs’ happiness as its heighest aim.  The maneuver lasted for over 1 hour under strong sunlight, people who participated in this activity made active response to it. And as abrupt fire is one of the most dangerous cause of death and injury of people and belongings, Fengjie’s management thinks such maneuver quite important and necessary.


Such type of maneuvers in related to safety are held several times every year in Dongguan Fengjie Bathroom Co., Ltd. Guarding life, protecting safety is one of the core values of Fengjie.