Soap Dispenser Pump: How to Prevent it from Dripping


A soap dispenser is a device which is used to dispense soap in small, single-use quantity. It can be automatic or manual. Its important parts are the trigger and pump through which soap is discharged. A pump dispenser is placed on the device/bottle and it helps in dispensing of soap. These devices have helped the mankind in many ways. They are easy to use and time saving. However, there are problems associated with them too. They have sensitive parts which need to be handled with care. It is, obvious, that ease comes with a price.


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Problems associated with Soap Dispenser Pump – How to Prevent it from Dripping.

 Soap dispensers have delicate machinery. They require constant care. When they began to leak, they not only cause an extra mess but also puts a question on the manufacturers and the brand itself. This not only happens in hotels, but also other public places like kitchens, toilets, hospitals, firms etc. which gives an unpleasant feeling. The problems are also seen in the soap dispenser pumps; its movement and placement also play a crucial role in the device’s stability. There are, however, some ways, in which we can prevent it from dripping:


  1. Cleaning the Dispenser

In case of leakage, a thorough cleaning of the dispenser is required. In case of automatic soap dispensers, one must be careful because of the infrared sensors and sensors. The unit should, first, be turned off. The tank should be emptied properly and rinsed with water. The nozzle should be removed and cleaned. The soap dispenser pump should also be checked. The trigger of the senser should then be checked repeatedly to dispense any remaining soap. Then, with water, check if there is still any leakage.

In case of manual soap dispensers, the soap dispenser pump is soaked in hot water to check for any blockage. There could also be a lose pump. There can also be a problem in its placement. Another option is to tighten the soap dispenser pump. This may prevent dripping of soap.


  1. Checking the Dispenser Design

There are many different types of soap dispensers in the market. Some of them take the soap up from a reservoir beneath the pump. They are usually known as counter mounted soap dispensers. Others have a reservoir suited above the pump. They are known as wall mounted. Sometimes, a slight problem in the soap dispenser pump can cause leakage of the soap. Before buying, the place where the dispenser is to be kept should be in mind to avoid any pressure on the pump. The pump above or below the reservoir itself may cause problems.


  • Reservoir above the Soap Dispenser Pump

In such case, there can be a dripping because of a loose valve or seal. This, in turn, can be due to improper installation or the build up of soap. To rectify this problem, the point where the soap dispenser pump meets the reservoir needs to be checked. For this, the reservoir bag needs to be removed. There can be solidified soap residues around the soap dispenser pump. The pump needs to be soaked in warm water and cleaned.

In case of liquid soap, the soap may have gone old and its viscosity may affect the gravitational aspect of the style of dispenser. Sometimes, the soap may get diluted and cause this problem. The soap needs to be replaced. This usually happens in wall mounted dispensers.


  • Reservoir below the Soap Dispenser Pump

When the soap reservoir is beneath the pump of soap dispenser, it goes up the nozzle. In such case, the reason of dripping is due to the soap being left close to the end of nozzle and falling away slowly after use. This type of leakage, although, does not create a great mess, but it is annoying.

In this type of soap dispensers (counter mounted), a thick soap may solve the problem. Ultimately, the soap dispenser pump causes the problem. There can not be enough discharge of soap. There can be soap build up around the face of the dispenser and the seal can also be broken. This problem can be rectified by soaking the hose that connects the pump to the reservoir into hot water.


Sometimes, the water pressure can be too high and cause water along with soap to spill all over the place. This can cause the soap dispenser pump to damage. In such case, the soap dispenser pump needs to be changed.


  1. Install a Drip Tray

When everything else fails, a drip tray is the last option. This tray is designed to catch excess soap that drips. It can be used to save any excess soap which falls due to a faulty soap dispenser.

 Best Foam Soap Dispensers Availiable 


They have a wide range of products. They deal in soap, foam and hand sanitiser dispensers and they can be either automatic or manual. The soap/foam dispenser supplies (e.g pumps, triggers, sensors etc) are also available. Some of them are listed below:

 Smart Spray Foam Gel Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

It is a wall mounted soap dispenser device with automatic sensor. It has a transparent container and works with batteries. It is widely used in hotels, kitchens, bus stations etc. There is less possibility of touching with bare hand, hence, less possibility of infections.

The dose is adjustable, and its most obvious feature is automatic and safe.


Electric Sensor Touchless Spray Soap Dispenser

It is an automatic soap dispenser. It is suitable for three different types of liquids i.e. sanitiser, foam, and soap. It has a dc support and can also be operated with batteries. It has a light indicator and a sensor in case the device stops working and there is a leakage. It is light weight and can be mounted on wall.


Manual Commercial Liquid Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

It is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) device. As the name suggests, it is a commercial soap dispenser. It is economical and durable at the same time. It also has a vertical slider which protects the nozzle. Its nozzle type is foam, but it can also be used for soap and sanitiser.