The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washer Soap Dispenser Factory

Foam dispensers made in EU and China

Pressure washer soap dispenser factory designed to dispense hand detergent with simultaneous foaming. The main advantages compared to conventional liquid soap dispensers are that the detergent consumption is half that of conventional dispensers. 

 Pressure Washer Soap Dispenser Factory

Also, the foam does not slip off wet hands, which prevents excessive consumption. As a rule, foam dispensers produce in cartridge design, but cartridges for art. Pressure washer soap dispenser factory designs in such a way that detergent can add to them from a canister. 

Before each owner of large offices and other facilities that involve the presence of a large number of people in them, the question arises:

 How to save on funds for sanitary rooms?

 The modern production of pressure washer soap dispenser factory specialized equipment has long resolved this issue by offering users to replace the soap dish with a liquid detergent dispenser. 

However, even among the models of this unit there are more economical options.  Unlike the standard version, in this modification there is a mechanism for foaming the liquid. 

As a result, the user's hands do not receive a gel, but foam. It does not slip off the palms; therefore, no additional portion of the product require. However, if a standard dispensing model needs, a pressure washer soap dispenser factory can purchase.

The online store presents all kinds of equipment and technical equipment for the competent arrangement of public toilets

Variety of range of foam dispensers

The assortment present on the site allows you to buy a wall-mounted foam dispenser and a built-in washstand. The models also differ from each other:

  • volume - from 0.5 l to 1 l;
  • body material - metal and plastic;
  • device - cartridge and bulk;
  • Coloring and design.

Each pressure washer soap dispenser factory for hand washing equips with a button, which makes the use of the unit simple and with a predictable amount of consumption. Additionally, there is a window to control the amount of liquid. Due to its presence, there is no need to open the container to check the presence of the contents.

Pressure washer soap dispenser factory

The dispenser for foam-soap differs from the traditional dispenser in that a solution of soap-foam is poured into it. Foam soap dispensers appeared relatively recently on the market and immediately gained great popularity.

The main advantage is that the pressure washer soap dispenser factory dispenses foam when pressed, which can significantly reduce the cost of poured contents. Savings compared to liquid soap average 50%. There are automatic (touch) and mechanical.

Success of foam soap dispensers

Modern requirements for equipping toilet rooms set high hygiene standards. The success of the institution and the saving of consumables are impossible without a competent choice of equipment. In this section of the catalog, we offer to buy a foam soap dispenser - one of these savings items.

A more advanced option is touch-sensitive pressure washer soap dispenser factory, contact and non-contact. Moreover, in many models, you can adjust the desire portion of soap.

In our online store you will find the following types of dispensers

  • Mechanical, where the amount of detergent is determined by pressing a button.
  • Sensory, where a photocell is triggered, giving out a portion of soap-foam.

The pressure washer soap dispenser factory can be poured directly into a container or charged into cartridges. The latter best suit for installation in places where increased hygiene requirements are imposed: food production, medical and children's institutions, catering establishments.

 Pressure Washer Soap Dispenser Factory

In our online store you can choose original design models made of metal and plastic that will decorate any specialized room.

How many types of pressure washer soap dispenser factory?

The liquid pressure washer soap dispenser factory provides convenient, hygienic dispensing and economical use of the product. 

There are many types of dispensers, they divide by:

  • fastening type;
  • Soap supply method;
  • material of manufacture;
  • Soap filling method;
  • Design and dimensions.

The choice of dispenser is determined by the place of use:

  • Which room;
  • Public area or residential area;
  • How many people will use.

In any case, a liquid soap dispenser should be practical, easy to use and maintain.

Mounting types Liquid soap dispensers can be

  1. Desktop - free-standing. This option is not suitable for public places where theft occurs. But for the home - ideal: cheap and mobile;
  2. Built-in - placed in a niche in the wall or in the countertop. This option looks the most aesthetically pleasing, since the pressure washer soap dispenser factoryr does not spoil the overall interior. It is also an outlet for a small room. For example, the dispenser can be hidden under the washbasin, leaving only a soap dispenser on the surface.
  3. Wall mounted liquid soap dispensers are the most popular option. The design attach directly to the wall, usually at the sink. Either screwed on or glued with double sided tape. Adhesive tape best uses at home for small lightweight models.

Soap dispensing method

Soap from the dispenser can dispense either after pressing or automatically. Push designs have either a finger button or an elbow lever.

The latter option is more hygienic, but does not look very attractive. The elbow dispenser is suitable for public places and industries where design is not important. It is also convenient to place such a design in the kitchen: you do not need to touch the button with dirty hands.

The touch less pressure washer soap dispenser factory is the most convenient, safe and hygienic. It eliminates the ingress of bacteria from the hands. A great option for public places like malls restaurants and so on. 

Disadvantages of a contactless dispenser:

  • High price and correspondingly expensive service;
  • The device consumes energy if it powers by the mains (another option is batteries);
  • The device is quite noisy, which is undesirable for home use.

Soap dispensers can dispense soap in the form of foam. The foam dispenser saturates the soap solution with air; for this, it has a special flask. Such a device costs more than a container for standard liquid soap. But this justifies, since foam consumption is more economical.

The Foam dispenser savings are significant:

If liquid soap supplies 1 ml per press, then foam - only 0.5 ml. The consistency of the foam can be more liquid or denser; it all depends on the specific dispenser.

To fill the pressure washer soap dispenser factory, you can use an ordinary soap solution: liquid soap with water in a ratio of 1 to 3.