A significant proportion of people fail to wash their hands properly and are always in rush. We should encourage a culture of hygiene. Proper hygiene helps in the elimination of contagious diseases spread by the contact due to deadly micro-organisms. Commercial soap dispensers are available for use not only in the washroom, but also as temporary hand washes/ hand sanitization stations present in places like meeting rooms, office spaces and corridors, and building entrances.

Material choice in choosing the Best Commercial Soap Dispensers

For choosing the best commercial soap dispensers, you must look into various factors such as washroom size and layout. Material choice is also crucial.

Plastic and Stainless steel commercial soap dispensers

Stainless steel commercial soap dispensers offer the added benefit of reliability and robustness. These steel soap dispensers are available in heavy-use washrooms. It withstands refilling and cleaning and will not rust.

Design considerations for choosing the Best commercial Soap dispensers

Aesthetics are important to consider in choosing the best commercial soap dispensers. Space is obvious to look for and it largely depends on the Environment. Stainless steel soap dispensers come in different shapes and sizes along with special textures and finishes. When looking for the design of the commercial soap dispensers, see how they refill.

Plasma welded dispensers are one of the common ones that interior designers and architects choose due to their sleek design for hotels/Restaurants. Besides, wall-mounted soap dispensers are well and a more practical choice for the washroom that is frequently in use. “Behind the mirror” are also the type of commercial soap dispensers widely available and to create the sleekest of bathroom designs.

Similarly, for the health care systems and schools, commercial soap dispensers are available in different designs and aesthetics. The design largely depends on the space, environment, and frequency of use.

Capacity of Commercial soap dispensers

One of the major factors to consider in soap dispensers is its capacity. Most of these dispensers come in various capacities such as from 300ml to 1.5L. You will probably look for the one with the largest capacity otherwise you will end up refilling it multiple times. Refillable soap dispensers are cost-effective as you can buy the soap in bulk and keep the dispensers topped up. The range for a large commercial soap dispenser varies from 1L to 1.5L.

Similarly, various soap dispensers are available according to the type of soap or liquid.

Manual, elbow operate or automatic soap dispensers

The commercial soap dispensers offer different functions such as manual, where you have to touch them to release the soap. As compared to manual, a non-touch dispenser is a safer option that ensures hygiene. For the prevention of contamination, you can use your elbow to press the button of the dispenser. Besides, battery-operated commercial soap dispensers have advantages and disadvantages. If your dispenser runs out of battery it will not operate. You should be thoroughly checking the supplies. Various advanced models of commercial soap dispensers are available and non-touch offers the best options in terms of hygiene. Many washrooms have these available now to minimize contamination. But, you must get an ample warning regarding these soap dispensers if you ever run out of batteries.

Best Commercial Soap Dispensers Available To Look For:


Fengjie Bathroom 1000ml Smart Induction Wall Foam Soap Dispenser with Refillable Bottle

Commercial Soap Dispenser

  • This is one of the best commercial soap dispensers that are suitable for three different liquids, foam, soap, and sanitizer.
  • It comes with a refillable bottle (1000ml).
  • This soap dispenser is lockable with a window design.
  • The light indicator present shows that it’s low in power.
  • It has a support DC (6V, 1A) and a battery.
  • This kind of automatic dispenser is available widely in public areas such as airports, hospitals hotels, and bus stations.

Alpine Wall Mountable Universal Foam Soap Dispenser.

 Commercial Soap Dispenser

  • This is an automatic foam soap dispenser made by alpine industries.
  • Available for 33.8 ounces of capacity and ideal for a large organization.
  • This unit runs on four C batteries that last up to 90,000 single uses before they need to be changed.
  • Perfect for use in kitchens, restrooms, and washrooms.
  • It is equipped with a simple window so you can see the level of the soap.


VISTA 30 OZ Bulk Foam Dispenser-SD 1005


  • VISTA is one of the famous commercial soap dispensers.
  • It comes under the category of Manual Bulk Foam soap dispenser.
  • It stores approximately 4ml of foam per stroke and is made from impact-resistant plastic.
  • This commercial soap dispenser is very durable.
  • It has a translucent design which allows an easy view of the soap supply.
  • Has a smooth curved top which water-resistant.


 Fengjie Bathroom OEM Wholesale public Electronic Touchless Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser.


  • This is a touch less commercial soap dispenser having capacity of 1200ml
  • It comes under the category of wall-mounted soap dispensers.
  • Suitable for three liquids such as foam, soap, and sanitizer.
  • Has a lockable window design.
  • Is one of the best-selling commercial soap dispensers with a refillable bottle of 1200ml.
  • Its most obvious feature is that it’s safe and automatic.
  • Users don’t need to touch the machine to sanitize their hands so there is no possibility of infections and contact which is an added benefit it offers.

Simple human 8 0z.Touchfree Sensor liquid Soap Pump Dispenser with Soap Sample, Brushed Nickel.


  • This is one of the best commercial soap dispensers to look for as it's touchless, which automatically reduces the chances of getting infections.
  • It has flexible Silicone valve snaps. It acts as a seal to prevent messy drips.
  • It has a high-speed and efficient pump that dispenses the soap in just 0.2 seconds.
  • This commercial soap dispenser offers precise sensing.
  • The soap dispenser offers easy volume control and adjustment.


 CAT TREES Automatic Hand sanitizer Dispenser wall


  • CATTREES is an automatic hands-free soap dispenser that has a sensor in it.
  • It has easy to use operation and 0.2 seconds activation.
  • This commercial soap dispenser has a transparent water tank design comprising 700ml capacity.
  • This commercial soap dispenser is one of the right options. It comprises a low voltage indicator and has 4AA batteries.
  • The soap dispenser comprises leaks proof design and a refillable sensor pump. The leak-proof design prevents dripping and maintains hygiene.
  • This soap dispenser is easy to install and offers a clean and organized look.
  • Various soap dispensers are available that are compatible with most of the liquids and soaps available.
  • This is a great option to consider for your home, kitchen, bathroom, hospital, and barbers shop.


Commercial soap dispensers play an important role in providing hand hygiene. For choosing the best commercial soap dispensers you should consider the factors such as environment, your space, frequency of use as well as its design and capacity. We have discussed a few of the best commercial soap dispensers available out there.

Among them, we find Fengjie Bathroom, the innovative leader in china, the best option in terms of providing the best services and commercial soap dispensers. They have a huge range of products in terms of designs and performance focusing on improving the environment in washrooms.