7 Proven Benefits of using Auto soap dispenser in restaurants

Most of us like to wash our hands when we leave the bathroom. Hand cleaning is important to maintain hygiene and avoid contact with bacteria. Having an auto soap dispenser in the bathroom, giving it a couple of touches, mixing with water, scrubbing and rinsing, offers a pleasant clean feeling. The same feeling we want to have when walking into a restaurant bathroom to wash our hands after a fabulous meal.

 Auto soap dispenser

If you have a restaurant, or you are simply a person who loves to save, it is very advisable that you know how much you can save with soap dispensers. This way, you can keep your hands clean and save on your investment.

What is the use of auto soap dispenser?

Liquid soap helps eliminate bacteria quickly. Moreover, you can use a minimal dose of product. In addition, we can rinse more easily than using bar soaps, allowing for significant water savings. In general, liquid soaps contain some ingredients that moisturize and keep our hands neat, such as neutral ph. Similarly, using auto soap dispenser is one of the safest and most effective methods of hand washing.


If the product is managed through a soap dispenser it is more advantageous and economical. An automatic soap dispenser will allow you to avoid any contact making everything totally hygienic. We can commonly observe these accessories in restaurants, cinemas and other public places, but we also recommend it for the home.

What should be considered when choosing an auto soap dispenser?

Basically, there are several models of soap dispensers on the market, manual or automatic. These items have different capacities, designs, functions and prices based on their use, at home or in the office.

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Below we will show you some aspects to keep in mind to choose the ideal auto soap dispenser for your needs:

Dispenser design

Generally, the dispenser soap manuals are the most traditional. They allow the user to dispense the required amount of soap by pressing a button. Generally, they come in opaque, clear hard plastic or chrome steel.

Vending machines do not come into contact with the user's hands and are characterized by a more modern style. Moreover, they range from elegant and exclusive models to compact and very minimalist models.

It is important that the design is adapted to the place where it installs, always in harmony with the atmosphere and details.

Liquid collection capacity

The capacity of an auto soap dispenser measures in milligrams and is relevant to the size of the device. If the dispenser comes in an area where few people use it, a small model is sufficient. But, if the installation area is not well, make sure you choose a large dispenser so you don't have to refill it very frequently.

The larger the dispenser capacity, the less maintenance we require. Moreover, the time required to refill the dispensers also varies depending on the capacity.

Duration of the product

The material of manufacture of the accessory and its structure are important to ensure that it is strong and durable. The most common models are made of polycarbonate, ABS plastic and stainless steel, resistant materials for their functions.

Use of auto soap dispenser

It is necessary to check that the appliance allows the use of different detergent foams and auto soap dispenser. Also, choose one that allows you to change soap or use a new product without having to change dispensers. It may be that you want to change the type of liquid to use. But that the accessory functions do not allow you to do so.

Furthermore, it is necessary that the refilling of the liquid is easy to carry out in a simple way. We will not get anything by buying a dispenser that complicates our life at the time of recharging and use.

Method of dispensing

Manual dispensers usually have liquid dispensing via a push button. On this type of auto soap dispenser it is necessary to press a button or a lever to get the right amount of product.

Distance between tables in a restaurant

The automatic soap dispensers are equipped with sensors that detect the movement to dispense the product. These works without contact, using rechargeable batteries, just approach the nozzle to activate the command that dispenses the soap. There are also dispenser models in which we can adjust the amount of soap that comes out, eliminating waste.

How much can you save with auto soap dispensers for restaurants?

Through the use of an auto soap dispenser, it is possible to eliminate all the waste that may be generated. This translates into economic savings in the purchase of liquid soap or foam to refill the equipment.

Another aspect of the savings is that there are several types of dispensers to choose from. This range of options includes different prices, so you can surely find the perfect accessory according to your budget.
Auto soap dispenser 2021

Where to buy auto soap dispenser?

There are several choices of liquid soaps and cleaning foams to suit any budget. Moreover, there is no need to buy anything expensive; there are a large variety of soaps with scents, properties and affordable prices. We offer you alternatives to save you a few euros. This is possible thanks to our wide range of products and the great offers and discounts available.

Where can you find the best auto soap dispensers for restaurants?

At this point, you already know how much you can save with auto soap dispenser for restaurants or for your home. Without a doubt, these accessories are the best option for your hygiene, that of your family or your customers. You can relax and buy the best liquid soap dispensers and put them in your home or office directly with us.

Conclusion auto soap dispenser

With that in mind, auto soap dispenser is always great options!

They are ideal for anyone looking for an economical and efficient solution to the use of soap and paper. In fact, these devices provide versatility when customizing any environment.

The success of these products has become very common. You can find them in public restrooms, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and even in many people's homes.

That's right!

It is wrong to think that they are only useful for companies. The truth is that dispensers are great allies when cleaning.